ASNs allocated in Egypt

Egypt (EG) is a country in Africa (Northern Africa) allocating 83 ASNs with a total of 24.8M IP addresses. The country is ranked #82 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Egypt is identified by ASN 8452 which manages 7.6M IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Egypt sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS8452 7.6M
AS36992 Etisalat MISR 6.3M
AS37069 The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil) 4.5M
AS36935 Vodafone Egypt Telecommunication S.A.E 2.1M
AS24835 Vodafone Data - Egypt 1.9M
AS24863 LINKdotNET AS number for any abuse complaint please contact [email protected] 1.6M
AS15475 Nile Online Giza,Egypt For any abuse complain contact [email protected] 297,216
AS20928 Noor Advanced Technologies ASN Cairo, Egypt 196,608
AS25576 AFMIC Autonomous System, Egypt 24,064
AS2561 Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) Egyptian Universities Networks Egypt 20,736
AS33782 Bibliotheca Alexandrina 16,384
AS6127 Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) 11A Hassan Sabry Street Zamalek, Cairo EG 14,592
AS31619 City Stars - Egypt 10,240
AS36893 Duravit Egypt Autonomous System 8,192
AS15804 AS of The Way Out Internet Solutions Cairo, Egypt 7,680
AS20484 Yalla Online Autonomous System 6,656
AS30993 Egypt Centers 6,656
AS6879 Egyptian National Scientific & Technical Information Network 6,144
AS33785 City Net Telecom 4,608
AS8524 AUCEGYPT Autonomous System The American University in Cairo Egypt 4,352
AS31065 Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 4,352
AS37031 MISR Information Services & Trading 4,096
AS25364 Egypt Cyber Cenyer Network 2,816
AS36929 Central Bank of Egypt 2,304
AS37191 Raya Holding 2,048
AS328299 Attijariwafa Bank Egypt S.A.E 2,048
AS33778 Mantrac Group 2,048
AS37112 Dar Al-Handasah 1,280
AS30995 Commercial International Bank (Egypt) AS 1,024
AS36906 Egyptian Operating Company for Liquefied Natural Gas 1,024
AS37437 CI Capital Egypt 1,024
AS37193 e-finance 1,024
AS36978 EFG Hermes 1,024
AS36990 Alkan Telecom Ltd 1,024
AS328067 E.G.I.T. for Technology Services 1,024
AS328645 The Egyptian Stock Exchange 1,024
AS37066 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1,024
AS36870 IT Worx 768
AS37003 Xceed Contact Centre 768
AS328405 Link Datacenter For Data Circulation 768
AS37664 Raya Contact Center 512
AS37252 GB AUTO 512
AS37583 Credit Agricole Egypt 512
AS37348 Cairo American College 512
AS36885 Egyptian MCIT Internet2 256
AS328484 TBE Egypt for Payment Solutions and Services S.A.E 256
AS37444 SCCT 256
AS328011 Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 256
AS328553 Bank Misr S.A.E 256
AS328052 Orascom Construction - Assigned AS 256
AS328308 L'Azurde Company For Jewelry 256
AS207740 Youssef Hamed 256
AS328062 Audi Bank - S.A.E. 256
AS37250 EGYPT AIR 256
AS327838 Egypt Linx for Communication Services 256
AS37279 Egyptian Banks Company 256
AS327846 Wadi Degla Investments(WDI) 256
AS201398 Star Ware for Programming & Internet Services 256
AS328654 Fixed Solutions 256
AS37585 NSGB 256
AS37339 Mediterranean Smart Cards Company 256
AS37091 Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait Egypt 256
AS33777 Egypt Network SAE 256
AS328458 Al-Borg Laboratories Company 0
AS25362 Internet Advanced Access. Internet Service Provider Alexandria, Egypt 0
AS24878 Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the new international project to rebuild one of old seven wonders in Egypt, the Library of Alexandria 0
AS29495 Advanced Systems Company is an company located in Egypt speciallized 0
AS37726 P.S extra for communication Network and information technology JSC 0
AS37226 Beltone Financial 0
AS36971 GPX Egypt 0
AS20858 This AS will be used to connect EgyNet 0
AS328587 Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 0
AS37270 AT-Financial Holding 0
AS24987 Armed Forces Main Information center 0
AS24736 Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 0
AS328105 The International Educational Systems and its branch Modern English School, Cairo 0
AS328629 Egyptian Credit Bureau Estealam "S.A.E" 0
AS37562 DrexelEgypt 0
AS328642 Elsewedy Electric For Power Systems Projects (PSP) 0
AS328430 Fawry for Banking and Electronic Payment Technology Services (S.A.E) 0
AS28913 CADBURY EGYPT is the Egyptian branch of the international company Cadbury 0
AS29428 Egypt Network - Egypt 0
AS33789 Egyptian MCIT Internet2 0