ASNs allocated in Canada

Canada (CA) is a country in Americas (Northern America) allocating 2,204 ASNs with a total of 55.4M IP addresses. The country is ranked #9 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Canada is BACOM identified by ASN 577 which manages 6.0M IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Canada sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS577 BACOM 6.0M
AS6327 Shaw Communications Inc. 5.4M
AS852 TELUS Communications Inc. 4.9M
AS5769 Videotron Telecom Ltee 2.6M
AS13768 Aptum Technologies 1.3M
AS376 Reseau d'informations scientifiques du Quebec (RISQ) 1.2M
AS855 Bell Canada 1.2M
AS808 GONET 1.0M
AS3633 Province of British Columbia 920,320
AS7992 Cogeco Cable 801,024
AS5645 TekSavvy Solutions, Inc. 733,696
AS15290 Allstream Corp. 651,008
AS803 Saskatchewan Telecommunications 540,672
AS7122 MTS-ASN 514,048
AS271 BCnet 498,176
AS55286 B2 Net Solutions Inc. 480,256
AS25820 IT7 Networks Inc 397,312
AS2665 Shared Services Canada 342,016
AS611 NB-PEI Educational Computer Network 340,736
AS393952 Service Alberta 331,776
AS6407 Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. 331,264
AS239 University of Toronto 331,264
AS3602 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 331,008
AS11260 EastLink 314,368
AS22995 Xplornet Communications Inc. 309,504
AS11489 BACI 306,944
AS6539 Bell Canada 268,544
AS8111 Dalhousie University 264,704
AS393249 University of British Columbia 262,656
AS32613 iWeb Technologies Inc. 262,400
AS74 Shared Services Canada 262,144
AS11290 Cogeco Connexion inc 255,232
AS1403 EBOX 247,808
AS3848 WorldLinx Telecommunications, Inc. 243,456
AS40788 Start Communications 227,584
AS15318 McGill University 215,296
AS54614 CIK Telecom INC 197,376
AS3766 Shared Services Canada 167,936
AS22423 Altima Telecom 162,560
AS20161 TeraGo Networks Inc. 156,672
AS35911 Telebec 142,080
AS36522 BELL MOBILITY INC. 140,800
AS7794 Execulink Telecom Inc. 136,192
AS395965 Carrytel 135,936
AS19752 Hydro One Telecom Inc. 133,376
AS3359 University of Alberta 133,120
AS54198 ViaNetTV Inc 133,120
AS16623 Alberta Health Services 132,608
AS2675 Shared Services Canada 131,840
AS17001 University of Manitoba 131,328
AS822 St. Joseph's Health Care, London 131,072
AS17120 New Brunswick Department of Education 131,072
AS14663 TELUS Communications Inc. 126,976
AS20453 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 124,672
AS15128 Comwave Telecom Inc. 114,176
AS15247 Radiant Communications Ltd. 109,312
AS7311 Frontier Networks 108,544
AS16462 University of Victoria 107,520
AS5690 Vianet 105,216
AS21724 Radiant Communications Canada Ltd. 104,960
AS22652 Fibrenoire Inc. 98,048
AS11105 Simon Fraser University 94,976
AS21570 Accelerated Connections Inc. 91,648
AS12188 Q9 Networks Inc. 91,648
AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Limited 90,368
AS25668 Cipherkey Exchange Corp. 86,528
AS27495 Open Text Corporation 75,264
AS7456 Interhop Network SERVICES Inc. 74,496
AS13657 E-Gate Communications Inc. 74,496
AS14366 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 73,728
AS16796 MERLIN 73,472
AS53732 InnSys Incorporated 73,216
AS23498 COGECODATA 72,192
AS802 York University 71,936
AS30407 Velcom 71,680
AS6579 Memorial University of Newfoundland 71,168
AS11700 CW-E 71,168
AS26753 In2net Network Inc. 70,656
AS19554 Open Text Corporation 69,888
AS25826 University of Ottawa 69,888
AS15348 Co. 69,632
AS22950 University of Saskatchewan 68,352
AS25689 Shared Services Canada 67,840
AS14817 Syncrude Canada Limited 67,584
AS4476 British Columbia Institute of Technology 67,328
AS36534 Alberta Health Services 66,816
AS14014 Canadian National Railway 66,560
AS46626 The Hospital for Sick Children 66,304
AS32347 Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology 66,048
AS23237 McMaster University 66,048
AS26321 The Toronto Stock Exchange 66,048
AS11998 Province of New Brunswick 66,048
AS5664 Sheridan College 65,792
AS823 The University of Western Ontario 65,792
AS12093 University of Waterloo 65,792
AS33602 Tele-Universite 65,792
AS33091 University of Calgary 65,792
AS26206 University of Regina 65,792
AS32156 Humber College 65,792
AS36786 Universite Laval 65,792
AS5071 Navigata Communications Limited 65,792
AS395272 City of Montreal 65,536
AS23307 Nova Scotia Department of Education 65,536
AS7950 Holland College 65,536
AS394520 The Law Society of Upper Canada 65,536
AS10265 Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology 65,536
AS19737 Royal Military College of Canada 65,536
AS25635 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 65,536
AS32555 Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal 65,536
AS30256 Acadia University 65,536
AS818 Department of Communications 65,536
AS395064 Douglas College 65,536
AS40007 St. Francis Xavier University 65,536
AS29773 Carleton University 65,536
AS54605 Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division 65,536
AS33105 The Halton Board of Education 65,536
AS16475 Brock University 65,536
AS21853 New Brunswick Power Corporation 65,536
AS22636 Nova Scotia Power, Inc. 65,536
AS394366 City of Saskatoon 65,536
AS22910 Loblaw Companies Limited 65,536
AS395399 City of Montreal 65,536
AS395660 The City of Edmonton 65,536
AS31886 University of Guelph 65,536
AS36750 City of Mississauga 65,536
AS53403 Mount Royal University 65,536
AS27293 The Bank of Canada 65,536
AS22686 University of Winnipeg 65,536
AS6561 JUCE Communications Inc 65,536
AS16802 Independent Electricity System Operator 65,536
AS23217 Ernst & Young 65,536
AS393907 Cape Breton University 65,536
AS7860 University of Prince Edward Island 65,536
AS31930 Ecole de technologie superieure 65,536
AS18621 The Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning 65,536
AS53442 City of Coquitlam 65,536
AS26567 Loyalty Management Group, Inc. 65,536
AS19925 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 65,536
AS32491 Co. 65,536
AS31983 Queen's University 65,536
AS16624 Hydro Quebec 65,536
AS11257 University of Lethbridge 65,536
AS10929 eStruxture Data Centers Inc. 63,488
AS32277 TBayTel 62,464
AS30236 Cronomagic Canada Inc. 61,696
AS21949 Beanfield Technologies Inc. 61,184
AS18705 BlackBerry Limited 60,416
AS19662 Uniserve On Line 57,856
AS11666 Nexicom Inc. 56,576
AS46618 Dery Telecom Inc. 55,552
AS35893 AirComPlus Inc. 51,456
AS31798 DataCity 51,456
AS11342 Pathway Communications 49,920
AS14661 Laurentian University 49,408
AS19869 EnCana Corporation 49,152
AS19515 Oricom Internet inc. 46,080
AS30466 Cable Axion Digitel Inc. 44,032
AS4540 SOGETEL INC 43,264
AS29974 Wightman Telecom 39,424
AS2653 Shared Services Canada 39,424
AS15321 Groupe Maskatel 38,656
AS53913 City Wide Communications Inc. 38,400
AS36817 MCSNet 38,400
AS40029 Novus Entertainment Inc. 37,888
AS22799 Delta Cable Communications Ltd. 37,120
AS40028 1651884 Ontario Inc. 36,352
AS18988 City West Cable & Telephone Corp. 34,816
AS40473 Xplornet Communications Inc. 34,304
AS19875 TeraGo Networks Inc. 34,304
AS33594 Government of the Northwest Territories 34,048
AS6058 Northwestel Inc. 33,792
AS21548 COGECODATA 33,280
AS36391 TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) 33,024
AS26288 Keewaytinook Okimakanak 33,024
AS26361 Saint Boniface General Hospital 32,768
AS30336 Telecommunications Xittel inc. 32,256
AS13911 Tera-byte Dot Com Inc. 30,976
AS15102 Corridor Communications, INC. 30,976
AS11084 Huron Telecommunications Cooperative Limited 30,720
AS54133 30,720
AS393504 XNS Technology Group Inc. 29,952
AS17358 eToll, Inc. 29,440
AS35843 Rogers Communications 28,672
AS25636 NorthernTel Limited Partnership 28,160
AS36666 GloboTech Communications 28,160
AS26198 3Men@Work Integrated Networks, Inc. 27,904
AS395075 Cooperative de cablodistribution de l'arriere-pays 27,648
AS16532 B2B2C Inc 27,392
AS395570 FibreStream, Inc. 27,136
AS22573 Northwestel Inc. 26,624
AS19016 Westman Communications Group 26,624
AS4470 Citenet Telecom Inc. 26,624
AS7057 Managed Network Systems Inc. 26,624
AS14007 Skyway West 26,368
AS22457 Corridor Communications, INC. 26,112
AS603 BACOM2-AS 25,856
AS26932 BRAVO TELECOM 25,600
AS395127 Sunwire Inc. 25,600
AS23136 OnX Enterprise Solutions Inc. 25,344
AS25983 Enmax Envision Inc. 25,344
AS47027 Seaside Communications, Inc. 25,088
AS18997 RU 24,832
AS30715 Q9 Networks Inc. 24,832
AS12021 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 24,576
AS30295 2iC Systems Inc. 24,320
AS6280 Babillard Synapse Inc. 24,064
AS6171 WorldGate 23,296
AS11647 Sentex Communications Corporation 23,296
AS21992 Ontario Health 23,040
AS26704 Open Text Corporation 22,784
AS16570 AgniCorp Inc. 22,528
AS36445 Coextro 22,272
AS33333 Awknet Communications, Inc. 22,016
AS33554 Neutral Data Centers Corp. 21,504
AS23252 WTC Communications 21,504
AS10996 Concorde inc. 21,504
AS27272 Q9 Networks Inc. 21,248
AS22684 SSI Micro Ltd. 21,248
AS14102 Transvision Reseau Inc. 20,992
AS15296 Cybera Inc 20,992
AS26788 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 20,480
AS19171 Stargate Connections Inc. 20,480
AS54643 Idigital Internet Inc. 20,416
AS16580 Athabasca University 20,224
AS30500 Wolfpaw Data Centres Inc 19,712
AS7734 Toronto Dominion Bank 19,712
AS11478 Beanfield Technologies Inc. 19,456
AS32364 Ontario Health 19,200
AS33130 Internet Access Solutions Ltd. 18,944
AS36483 Gossamer Threads Inc. 18,944
AS54182 Axia Connect Limited 18,688
AS26531 NEXUSDS.COM 17,920
AS15024 Packetworks Inc. 17,920
AS11727 Bruce Telecom 17,920
AS30028 Xplornet Communications Inc. 17,408
AS40191 Beanfield Technologies Inc. 17,152
AS397433 The Great-West Life Assurance Company 16,896
AS13468 Kingston Online Services 16,896
AS32489 Amanah Tech Inc. 16,896
AS11522 Greater Sudbury Telecommunications Inc. 16,640
AS26677 ORANO 16,640
AS14280 NetNation Communications Inc 16,640
AS32563 Societe Radio Canada 16,384
AS841 Canadian Research Network 16,384
AS26071 Lakehead University 16,384
AS13319 Storm Internet Services 16,128
AS36031 Q9 Networks Inc. 16,128
AS32586 Niagara Wireless Internet Co. 15,872
AS16696 iTel Networks Inc 15,616
AS4877 G3 Telecom Corp. 15,360
AS11831 eSecureData 15,360
AS19842 Colosseum Online, Inc. 15,360
AS7403 Colba Net Inc. 14,848
AS22639 Cooptel Coop de Telecommunication 14,592
AS18563 CGI Inc. 14,592
AS16949 Inc 13,312
AS14472 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 13,312
AS16598 BCAA 13,056
AS542 Alberta Research Council 12,800
AS396521 Digicloud Solutions Corporation 12,800
AS12132 Quebec Internet Inc 12,544
AS395761 Teledistribution Amos inc. 12,544
AS11287 Mitchell Seaforth Cable T. V. Ltd. 12,288
AS53791 Truespeed Internet Services 12,288
AS40304 DMTS 12,288
AS33139 Canaca-com Inc. 12,288
AS62593 Xplornet Communications Inc. 12,288
AS14240 Microsemi Storage Solutions Ltd 12,288
AS11181 Vaxxine Computer Systems Inc. 12,288
AS819 LARG*net 12,032
AS33007 NCS Technologies 12,032
AS27381 Index Exchange Inc. 12,032
AS32100 Metro Loop 11,776
AS32638 Trent University 11,520
AS14866 VOI NET INC. 11,264
AS21793 InterWeb Media 11,264
AS19005 SMTP, Inc. 11,264
AS53356 Free Range Cloud Hosting Inc. 11,264
AS393457 Hamilton Community Energy 11,264
AS23197 Genesys Laboratories Canada, Inc. 11,008
AS3958 Air Canada 10,752
AS7861 TELUS Communications Inc. 10,752
AS27324 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 10,752
AS18875 Questzone.Net, Inc. 10,496
AS25914 Quadro Communications Co-Operative Inc 10,240
AS31851 Uni-Telecom 10,240
AS40341 Q9 Networks Inc. 10,240
AS14500 Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc. 10,240
AS55017 VDC Virtual Data Corp. 10,240
AS3367 F6 Networks Inc 9,984
AS395198 Banque Nationale du Canada 9,984
AS32710 AgniCorp Inc. 9,984
AS30176 Priority Colo Inc 9,984
AS31782 Wilfrid Laurier University 9,728
AS14426 Grant MacEwan University 9,472
AS395173 Tuckersmith Communications Co-Operative Limited 9,472
AS62969 ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd 9,472
AS40224 Selectcom Telecom 9,216
AS19234 Canada Web Hosting 9,216
AS32584 Xplornet Communications Inc. 9,216
AS36689 Data Security Node Inc. 9,216
AS53338 ITCI Corporation 9,216
AS12212 Ravand Cybertech Inc. 9,216
AS11468 Airfire 9,216
AS26871 Edmonton Public School Board, District No. 7 9,216
AS53543 EVSL 8,960
AS397168 National Capital Freenet Inc 8,960
AS26480 B2B2C Inc 8,960
AS10865 Services Internet Abacom 8,704
AS53443 City of Winnipeg 8,704
AS394710 TelMAX Inc. 8,704
AS55254 WaveDirect Telecommunications 8,704
AS33541 Cable Cable Inc 8,448
AS12059 Internet Light and Power Inc. 8,448
AS30528 E. I. Catalyst 8,448
AS40119 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 8,448
AS30409 SNC-Lavalin, Inc. 8,448
AS53486 Niagara Regional Broadband Networks Limited 8,448
AS26110 Manitoba Hydro International LTD 8,448
AS54527 Astute Hosting Inc. 8,448
AS29953 Cygnet Internet Services Inc 8,192
AS21513 Epik Networks, Inc. 8,192
AS14112 SecureNet Information Services 8,192
AS18986 Calligo (Canada) Inc. 8,192
AS27181 KMTS Internet 8,192
AS40529 Moxie Communications, Inc. 8,192
AS22634 Ubisoft Entertainment 8,192
AS30348 UAP Inc. 8,192
AS14008 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 8,192
AS32956 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 8,192
AS40383 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 8,192
AS32453 ICA Canada On-Line Inc. 8,192
AS30158 ARIMA Networks Inc. 8,192
AS13794 Odynet inc 8,192
AS23523 Voyageur Internet Inc 8,192
AS397545 Purple Cow Internet Inc 8,192
AS40440 NRTC Communications 8,192
AS30549 Lakeland Networks 7,936
AS53589 PlanetHoster 7,936
AS14720 Gamma Networking Inc. 7,936
AS53910 Northwestel Inc. 7,680
AS23229 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. 7,680
AS62679 Shopify, Inc. 7,680
AS395261 Hay Communications Co-operative Limited 7,680
AS21552 BluArc Communications Inc 7,424
AS25946 NetAccess Systems Inc 7,424
AS396420 Valley Fiber Ltd. 7,424
AS32738 Hybrid Wireless Inc 7,424
AS6391 Urban Networks Inc. 7,424
AS394232 TelKel inc. 7,424
AS21774 The Exchange Global Server Center 7,168
AS22060 Netspectrum Wireless Internet Solutions 7,168
AS395167 Pro Omnis Telecommunication Ltd. 7,168
AS47103 7,168
AS11032 Universite du Quebec 6,912
AS25999 Provision Data Systems Inc. 6,912
AS393445 Swift High 6,912
AS26413 IP4B Inc. 6,656
AS29909 MetroOptic, Inc. 6,656
AS19523 BH Telecom Corp. 6,400
AS20371 Apsis Communications Inc 6,400
AS394146 Tri City WiFi Corp. 6,400
AS30147 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 6,400
AS17353 Simcoe County District School Board 6,400
AS14387 SwitchWorks Technologies Inc. 6,144
AS16438 Satelcom Internet Inc. 6,144
AS21564 Nova Scotia Provincial Government 6,144
AS63052 Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation 6,144
AS33361 THE WIRE INC. 6,144
AS63131 TNEXT Communication Inc 6,144
AS63134 Developpement Innovations Haut-Richelieu 6,144
AS40867 Continuum Online Services Ltd. 6,144
AS36518 VSOFT Inc. 6,144
AS53424 Pure Pages Inc. 6,144
AS20221 International Air Transport Association 6,144
AS19465 Gosfield North Communications Co-operative Limited 5,888
AS15127 Xplornet Communications Inc. 5,888
AS54139 5,888
AS21775 Afilias Canada, Corp. 5,632
AS806 Shared Services Canada 5,632
AS3397 Xplornet Communications Inc. 5,632
AS16730 Royal Bank of Canada 5,632
AS33164 Iristel Inc 5,632
AS46525 Rural Wave 5,632
AS18451 LES.NET 5,376
AS32820 Nipissing University 5,376
AS18499 Cyber Generation Inc 5,376
AS22113 Belair Technologies 5,376
AS19086 CGI Inc. 5,376
AS40864 Targo Communications Inc. 5,376
AS36354 SherWeb inc. 5,120
AS55053 2267921 ONTARIO LTD 5,120
AS14875 NovAtel Inc. 5,120
AS11601 Reseau Inc. 5,120
AS33230 Cross Country TV Ltd 5,120
AS29907 Cirrus9 Inc. 5,120
AS33044 Megawire Inc. 4,864
AS14642 Morewave Communication Inc. 4,864
AS32564 Intact Financial Corporation 4,864
AS54412 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 4,864
AS22964 ISP Telecom 4,864
AS53999 Priority Colo Inc 4,864
AS10264 Scotia McLeod Inc. 4,608
AS394284 Utilities Kingston 4,608
AS36698 Fatbanana Broadband Inc. 4,608
AS36731 Server Cloud Canada Inc 4,608
AS394367 System Lifeline Inc. 4,608
AS5788 Vancouver Coastal Health 4,608
AS398256 Querizon 4,608
AS36077 Dynamic ASP Inc. 4,608
AS3584 PubNIX, Inc. 4,352
AS33028 TheNebulaCloud, Inc. 4,352
AS33549 Whipcord Ltd. 4,352
AS54841 O-NET 4,352
AS22867 Hearst Connect Corporation 4,352
AS40108 LOGNET 4,352
AS19117 Heavy Computing 4,352
AS16583 Care Factor Computer Services Inc 4,352
AS46280 Broadband Communications North Inc. 4,352
AS395479 netXpoint 4,352
AS32216 Open Text Corporation 4,352
AS19935 CRRS-TV 4,352
AS32012 HD Telecom Inc. 4,096
AS15122 Point to Point Broadband Inc. 4,096
AS13851 SevenL Networks 4,096
AS63003 Infra-Solutions inc. 4,096
AS46882 RhiCom Networks Inc. 4,096
AS15160 Bank of Montreal 4,096
AS13625 CALGAH Computer Systems and Management Ltd 4,096
AS19797 DEXAGON Inc. 4,096
AS54359 Netago 4,096
AS36205 PwC Management Services LP 4,096
AS19062 W3 International Media Ltd. 4,096
AS36218 Cirrus Tech Ltd. 4,096
AS23419 Broad-Connect Telecom Inc. 4,096
AS32900 Quartet Service Ltd. 4,096
AS19848 Emergis Inc. 4,096
AS14735 ECN 4,096
AS395667 WISP Internet Services Inc. 4,096
AS40092 Loose Foot Computing Limited 4,096
AS53405 Robson Communications Inc. 4,096
AS53661 PPI 4,096
AS26281 BlackBerry Limited 4,096
AS2735 Eastern Irrigation District 4,096
AS36030 Q9 Networks Inc. 4,096
AS18650 Korax Inc. 4,096
AS27618 T. Grand Networks Inc. 4,096
AS397543 Royal Roads University 4,096
AS22505 Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre 4,096
AS40438 Canhost Inc. 4,096
AS394233 Cloudwifi 4,096
AS14843 1610851 Ontario Inc. 4,096
AS396125 CCL Networks Inc 3,840
AS32881 Server North 3,840
AS23181 Quicksilver Wireless 3,840
AS32678 Fidalia Networks Inc. 3,840
AS29883 Internet Hosting Servers 3,840
AS26838 Magna International Inc. 3,840
AS27628 Innovation Place 3,840
AS20365 Globalive Wireless Management Corp. 3,584
AS395768 iTeraTEL Communications Inc. 3,584
AS11031 Orbis Investments (Canada) Limited 3,328
AS32026 BlackBerry Limited 3,328
AS54044 Chris Danielle Micro Solutions (CDMS) Inc. 3,328
AS13360 Triton Digital 3,328
AS46920 RF Now Inc. 3,328
AS25706 Interlink Connectivity Inc 3,328
AS20119 Arrow Group Inc. 3,328
AS397735 Netwire inc 3,328
AS10965 MRNet 3,328
AS137945 Nutrien LTD APAC AS 3,328
AS36068 AppDirect 3,328
AS32773 Commstream Communications Inc 3,072
AS393994 Brantford Hydro 3,072
AS40727 TELENET Informatique Inc. 3,072
AS11807 Divertissements GameLoft Inc 3,072
AS63019 3,072
AS30539 Flowfinity Wireless Inc 3,072
AS46156 Sunlife Assurance Company of Canada 3,072
AS396367 Canadian Tire Corporation, LTD 3,072
AS26968 PSD Professional Systems/Designs, Ltd 3,072
AS16751 Open Text Corporation 3,072
AS40598 British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association 3,072
AS55222 9219-1568 Quebec Inc. 3,072
AS63419 Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board 3,072
AS30396 North Nova Cable Ltd. 3,072
AS10980 Stafford Communications, Inc. 3,072
AS46320 BLU Fibre Networks inc. 3,072
AS40470 Protected.CA Inc. 2,816
AS395050 Halton Catholic District School Board 2,816
AS16686 easyDNS Technologies, Inc. 2,816
AS63297 Pacific Servers Inc. 2,816
AS53829 CTV Television Network Limited 2,816
AS30045 University Health Network 2,816
AS20068 Hawk Host Inc. 2,816
AS18588 Postmedia Network Inc 2,816
AS27299 CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet 2,816
AS940 GONET 2,816
AS54980 Redbird Communications Inc 2,816
AS18638 2,816
AS63213 Astute Hosting Inc. 2,816
AS26884 Vale Canada Limited 2,560
AS21813 Trillium Health Partners 2,560
AS394352 Fastnet Communications 2,560
AS27265 Ceridian Canada Ltd. 2,560
AS393653 Wizard Tower Techno Services 2,560
AS26806 SRNet Saskatchewan Research Network Inc. 2,560
AS54454 NoLimits Internet Solutions 2,560
AS17371 Bank of Montreal 2,560
AS53987 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. 2,560
AS54777 Altima Telecom 2,560
AS2568 Digicom 2,304
AS394255 Bell MTS Data Centres G.P. 2,304
AS46872 Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc. 2,304
AS395569 Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) LTD 2,304
AS3411 St. Michael's Hospital 2,304
AS35938 Computer Methods International Corp. 2,304
AS62563 GLOBALTELEHOST Corp. 2,304
AS11628 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research 2,304
AS33389 College Boreal 2,304
AS18801 Paysafe 2,304
AS393845 Carbon60 Networks, Inc 2,304
AS17023 Morneau Shepell Ltd. 2,304
AS14214 Minacs Inc 2,304
AS393632 The North Frontenac Telephone Corporation Limited 2,304
AS684 MTSAL-ASN 2,304
AS39852 Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment LTD 2,304
AS54444 Avesta Networks LLC 2,304
AS16605 Telephone de St-Ephrem inc. 2,304
AS14820 Virgin Technologies Inc 2,304
AS55016 Imperium Inc. 2,304
AS22512 OpenBSD 2,304
AS17397 Paysafe 2,304
AS14336 eHealth Saskatchewan 2,048
AS33040 Telecom Intellectual Property Limited 2,048
AS31765 FundSERV Inc. 2,048
AS32536 4WEB.CA 2,048
AS39964 Mainland Telecom Inc. 2,048
AS63004 Infosat Communications LP 2,048
AS395807 Selkirk College 2,048
AS33326 MacLaren McCann Canada Inc. 2,048
AS46915 Lyttonnet 2,048
AS54351 Communicate Freely 2,048
AS20053 The Descartes Systems Group Inc. 2,048
AS10329 CoreLAN Communications, Inc. 2,048
AS397659 Group of Goldline 2,048
AS27232 Voxter Communications, Inc. 2,048
AS54889 Ascent Networks Inc 2,048
AS14442 Media-Hosts Inc. 2,048
AS19053 Epic Information Solutions 2,048
AS19566 Pason Systems Corp 2,048
AS53618 Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide, Inc. 2,048
AS46195 ACTIVO INC 2,048
AS53365 Webair Internet Development Company, Inc 2,048
AS27256 Cybernet Communications Ltd 2,048
AS40571 Netcelerate Corporation 2,048
AS54652 Plentyoffish Media Inc 2,048
AS62845 Airenet Internet Solutions 2,048
AS15000 Global Relay Communications Inc. 2,048
AS10400 Toronto Star 2,048
AS46757 Sharcnet 2,048
AS31917 Open Text Corporation 2,048
AS11439 Caneris Inc. 2,048
AS14270 EAGLE.CA 2,048
AS36543 Interface Technologies, Inc. 2,048
AS1730 Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. 2,048
AS13764 Kwantlen Polytechnic University 2,048
AS14027 Beacon Wireless 2,048
AS26832 Rica Web Services 2,048
AS393686 G.P.N. Wireless Network Solutions Ltd. 2,048
AS55003 Columbia Wireless Inc 2,048
AS22748 SkyNet Canada Wireless Network Inc. 2,048
AS397280 HostFlyte Server Solutions 2,048
AS62692 Camosun College 2,048
AS11239 Skycomp Solutions Inc. 2,048
AS53479 UptimeArchive, Inc. 2,048
AS395759 Resolute FP Canada Inc. 2,048
AS13552 Cegep de Sainte-Foy 2,048
AS32247 Shaw Satellite Services, Inc. 2,048
AS394256 Tech Futures Interactive Inc. 1,792
AS53525 Venture Computers of Canada 1,792
AS46874 MegaVelocity Inc. 1,792
AS396316 Full Throttle Networks Inc. 1,792
AS397344 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 1,792
AS549 GTAnet Networking 1,792
AS63068 CrocWeb 1,792
AS46430 VICTON, Inc. 1,792
AS30048 Convergia Inc. 1,792
AS394085 Think On, Inc. 1,792
AS397421 Societe de l'Assurance Automobile du Quebec 1,792
AS40575 Stratos Global Communications 1,792
AS394369 C15Edge Data Centers 1,792
AS395663 sergent telecom inc 1,792
AS63122 LOGIX Data Products Inc. 1,792
AS36000 Northern Health Authority 1,792
AS397474 Loto-Quebec 1,792
AS19402 SMITH 1,792
AS63447 Gotekky 1,792
AS394989 Gene's Telecom 1,792
AS54509 Connect It Networks 1,792
AS30713 York Region District School Board 1,792
AS33017 Kendall Lougheed and Associates Inc. 1,792
AS14078 Voicenetpulse Telecom Inc. 1,792
AS40202 Edgar HighSpeed Inc. 1,536
AS17170 McCain Foods Limited 1,536
AS39959 iTeract inc. 1,536
AS393242 British Columbia Lottery Corp 1,536
AS395309 Reenigne 1,536
AS33329 Groupe ISM 1,536
AS10808 The Globe and Mail 1,536
AS139323 Rio Tinto IS&T 1,536
AS20291 3T Systems Ltd 1,536
AS23107 Petro-Canada 1,536
AS396105 2EZ Network Inc. 1,536
AS19276 Scott & Aylen 1,536
AS14166 Softcom Inc. 1,536
AS394583 The Great-West Life Assurance Company 1,536
AS53594 Polymer Network 1,536
AS40808 Vancouver International Airport Authority 1,536
AS53359 CUBE Global Storage Ltd. 1,536
AS36472 VivosWeb Inc. 1,536
AS2682 Shared Services Canada 1,536
AS36225 Infinite IT Solutions Inc. 1,536
AS5764 Convoke Communications Corp. 1,536
AS398216 Sichuun 1,536
AS55195 CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet 1,536
AS4508 NeuStyle 1,536
AS395677 GTAA 1,536
AS393891 Nutrien 1,536
AS53414 CloudOps Inc. 1,536
AS36008 Broadridge Customer Communications Canada, ULC 1,536
AS62649 Critical Mass Inc. 1,536
AS1001 GONET 1,536
AS394501 Crave Technologies Ltd. 1,280
AS32521 Canadian Natural Resources Limited 1,280
AS40209 Wicked EH Incorporated 1,280
AS19220 Calgary Board of Education 1,280
AS13846 Lavalife Corp. 1,280
AS21533 Corus Entertainment Inc 1,280
AS27168 MaXess Networx 1,280
AS29731 ING Bank of Canada 1,280
AS54826 Western I.T. Group Inc. 1,280
AS11568 CGI Inc. 1,280
AS397617 UNNO 1,280
AS820 Shared Services Canada 1,280
AS21563 Open Text Corporation 1,280
AS19039 DurableDNS Inc 1,280
AS54368 Coast Capital Savings Credit Union 1,280
AS54904 Evolve Communications Inc 1,280
AS62840 Fute Media Inc. 1,280
AS54658 College of the North Atlantic 1,280
AS16523 Trutel Inc. 1,280
AS36235 Green Shield Canada 1,280
AS13465 1,280
AS33705 Digital Shape Technologies Inc. 1,280
AS55220 KIX MEDIA INC 1,280
AS26037 Red Deer College 1,280
AS394678 Bluewater Power Corporation 1,280
AS19382 Oncore Cloud Services 1,280
AS31931 HootSuite Media Inc. 1,280
AS62921 1,280
AS7883 ELPC 1,280
AS30414 Digitcom Telecommunications Canada Inc. 1,280
AS53455 Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Office of the Chief Information Officer 1,280
AS54233 McKesson Canada 1,280
AS30684 eSolutionsGroup Ltd. 1,280
AS19167 1,280
AS8160 Rogers Communications Canada Inc. 1,280
AS55021 ottcolo inc. 1,280
AS393966 Capilano University 1,280
AS23034 The Descartes Systems Group Inc. 1,280
AS53757 Unilink Networks Inc. 1,280
AS19202 Backbone Data Vault Inc 1,024
AS23299 STI-Net Inc. 1,024
AS63236 TTEK 1,024
AS32006 Hudson's Bay Company 1,024
AS393735 Inc. 1,024
AS19467 PostageApp 1,024
AS393996 Govital Internet Inc. 1,024
AS4876 Driftwood Networks Inc 1,024
AS27404 Nubirdz / Nubirdz Computers 1,024
AS46861 Softvoyage Inc 1,024
AS39951 FacilicorpNB Ltd./Ltee 1,024
AS46095 REP Solution Interactive Inc. 1,024
AS25872 Rocky View Schools 1,024
AS46609 Technologie 1,024
AS397335 St. Paul's Roman Catholic Separate School Division 1,024
AS18968 Quadrant Newmedia Corp. 1,024
AS14873 Alberta Treasury Branches 1,024
AS394015 Mikmaw Kinamatnewey 1,024
AS394273 Airnet Wireless Inc. 1,024
AS16932 Future Electronique Inc 1,024
AS394277 Astral internet Inc. 1,024
AS18472 Canadian Museum for Human Rights 1,024
AS395817 University of Ottawa Heart Institute 1,024
AS14894 BonneComm 1,024
AS46383 Translink 1,024
AS19764 Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology 1,024
AS396341 NASN Licensing Inc. 1,024
AS32315 The Western James Bay Telecom Network 1,024
AS63035 Tyco Integrated Security Canada, Inc. 1,024
AS55101 Daemon Defense Systems Inc. 1,024
AS53566 The George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology 1,024
AS136258 BrainStorm Network 1,024
AS62788 Karl Morin Holdings Inc. 1,024
AS11077 XBASE Technologies Corp. 1,024
AS394567 Corporation of the County of Simcoe 1,024
AS11079 Allstream Corp. 1,024
AS13895 FiberConX 1,024
AS53319 Commission scolaire des Phares 1,024
AS14152 Netpulse Services 1,024
AS397131 Everythink Innovations Limited 1,024
AS22863 NBS Payment Solutions Inc. 1,024
AS7765 Koumbit 1,024
AS394840 Britesky Technologies Inc 1,024
AS22873 Neighbourhood Connect 1,024
AS55130 Provision Data Systems Inc. 1,024
AS394081 Rionet Wireless Inc. 1,024
AS16995 Sable Voice Services Inc. 1,024
AS20069 Royal Bank of Canada 1,024
AS53349 RBBS Telecom Inc. 1,024
AS16487 Partner Solutions Inc. 1,024
AS19052 Cobourg Networks Inc. 1,024
AS14190 Best Buy Canada Ltd. 1,024
AS46959 Vancouver Convention Centre 1,024
AS394097 Canad Corporation of Manitoba Limited 1,024
AS394354 CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet 1,024
AS11635 Envi Networks Ltd. 1,024
AS14965 Aldera Communications 1,024
AS53877 Rhyzome Networks 1,024
AS13942 Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin 1,024
AS393595 IPvision 1,024
AS54910 Transcontinental Inc. 1,024
AS25728 Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology 1,024
AS46720 Ubity 1,024
AS54915 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1,024
AS54916 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1,024
AS395913 The Corporation of the City of Pickering 1,024
AS19595 Sudbury & District Health Unit 1,024
AS27275 The Banff Centre for Continuing Education 1,024
AS46994 Telax Hosted Call Centre 1,024
AS32659 Commission scolaire de la Cote-du-Sud 1,024
AS22424 Corporation of The District of North Vancouver 1,024
AS18587 AltaGas Utilities Inc. 1,024
AS26523 Province of New Brunswick 1,024
AS35998 Peel District School Board 1,024
AS16543 Gate West Communications Inc. 1,024
AS33185 Hive Data Center Inc. 1,024
AS21925 Reseau Internet Maskoutain 1,024
AS31914 Hutterian Broadband Network Inc 1,024
AS395947 Lansdowne Rural Telephone Company Ltd 1,024
AS11435 La Capitale, cie d'assurance generale 1,024
AS54191 Ice Wireless Inc. 1,024
AS17328 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1,024
AS36273 Globalive Wireless Management Corp. 1,024
AS54453 Medicine Hat School District 1,024
AS36792 Origen 1,024
AS33209 Interplex 1,024
AS47035 Ottawa Carleton District School Board 1,024
AS14268 Northern Computer Solutions Ltd. 1,024
AS30400 AltaLink LP 1,024
AS32705 The Woodbridge Group 1,024
AS47043 H2H Interactif Inc 1,024
AS30406 Think On, Inc. 1,024
AS18634 Fusix Corporation 1,024
AS395467 KeCommerce 1,024
AS19915 End to End Networks 1,024
AS40654 Cosmic Games 1,024
AS394703 I.D. Logique 1,024
AS397778 FibreStream, Inc. 1,024
AS46546 EKKUM INC 1,024
AS40915 PC Helpline Computer Support Inc. 1,024
AS21723 Radiant Communications Ltd. 1,024
AS3804 WorldLinx Telecommunications, Inc. 1,024
AS46300 High Speed Crow Inc 1,024
AS395997 Metro Richelieu Inc. 1,024
AS19423 Lethbridge Community College 1,024
AS16866 Columbia Networks Inc. 1,024
AS55267 Mid-Range Computer Group Inc. 1,024
AS30180 Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. 1,024
AS19431 Accessweb Corporation 1,024
AS19432 Sierra Wireless, Inc. 1,024
AS33256 3268120 Nova Scotia Company 1,024
AS40424 Rona Inc. 1,024
AS397033 Maskicom 1,024
AS13804 ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership 1,024
AS55022 Quesys Inc. 1,024
AS396015 CCINET LTD 1,024
AS19696 Vodalink Telecom Inc. 1,024
AS206834 Team Internet AG 1,024
AS14066 Telmetrics Inc. 1,024
AS62706 Six Nations Internet 1,024
AS40436 Netmosphere 1,024
AS26357 Oriso Solutions Inc. 1,024
AS395254 Solutions Sans Fil WiMe Inc 1,024
AS53494 Lantern Hill IT Inc. 1,024
AS15101 Central 1 Credit Union 1,024
AS395262 CENGN -Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks 1,024
AS19968 Mark Anthony Group Inc. 768
AS40449 Business Development Bank of Canada 768
AS393990 Clearcable Networks 768
AS395282 9512128 Canada Inc. 768
AS46612 Viterra Inc 768
AS32789 Fasken Martineau DuMoulin 768
AS11544 Royal Bank of Canada 768
AS394522 Assiniboine Community College 768
AS40474 Think On, Inc. 768
AS1824 Vertisoft 768
AS31790 S&C Electric Canada Ltd. 768
AS35888 Open Text Corporation 768
AS40243 Livingston International Inc. 768
AS396084 Qualico 768
AS15158 Algoma University College 768
AS14659 ZiD Internet 768
AS394821 Toronto District School Board 768
AS26441 HyperWALLET Systems Inc 768
AS46926 Payment Processing Inc. 768
AS1633 353233 Alberta LTD 768
AS18534 Fiber.CA Inc. 768
AS46184 NorQuest College 768
AS54633 Accentus Inc. 768
AS35947 Storagepipe Solutions Inc. 768
AS397681 CGI Inc. 768
AS30324 SaskEnergy Inc. 768
AS395383 Ubique Networks 768
AS5755 Qnetix Computer Consultants Inc. 768
AS54655 CI Investments Inc. 768
AS397188 Societe de l'Assurance Automobile du Quebec 768
AS393607 Innovation Place 768
AS53390 The Printing House 768
AS54926 GridWay Computing Corporation 768
AS54672 ACCEO Holding Inc. 768
AS395156 The King's University 768
AS19351 Teck Resources Limited 768
AS55206 Foothills School Division No. 38 768
AS394151 Whatbox Inc. 768
AS23471 HelpOX Inc 768
AS395704 Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology 768
AS40124 Nelson a division of Thomson Canada Ltd. 768
AS40126 Molson Coors Brewing Company 768
AS18637 babyTEL Inc. 768
AS398041 XCD Telecom 768
AS21722 Quick Service Software Inc. 768
AS394971 Okanagan College 768
AS55271 Stack8 Technologies Inc. 768
AS5110 City of Vancouver 768
AS54520 Calgary Catholic School District 768
AS32250 Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology 768
AS393468 Concordia University of Edmonton 768
AS393733 Oxygen Technical Services Ltd 512
AS397320 Federated Cooperatives Limited 512
AS26889 Startech Computer Accessories 512
AS397070 City of Kamloops 512
AS35857 Saskatchewan Polytechnic 512
AS36369 Limewave Communications 512
AS396306 Think On, Inc. 512
AS394006 Vincent Communications & Controls Ltd. 512
AS54807 F12 Networks Inc. 512
AS54296 Gibson Energy ULC 512
AS46877 Alberta Electric System Operator 512
AS33056 ABM Integrated Solutions 512
AS54818 Smilegate West, Inc. 512
AS46630 Canadian Pacific Railway Company 512
AS53798 ECOTEL inc. 512
AS63278 Carillon Information Security Inc. 512
AS26672 Electronic Arts Canada 512
AS32817 Northern College of Applied Arts & Technology 512
AS46129 Cadillac Fairview 512
AS396338 Altima Telecom 512
AS53810 Henico Inc 512
AS40758 Commport Communications International Inc. 512
AS54070 Ontario College of Art & Design University 512
AS46135 The Regional Municipality of York 512
AS62525 LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services 512
AS18750 Lexicom Ltd. 512
AS62782 Gazelle Communications Corp. 512
AS396100 Beyond Air Networks Limited 512
AS54085 Economical Insurance 512
AS33096 Bow Valley College 512
AS397130 SmartLayer Business Solutions 512
AS11851 The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences 512
AS46157 Mac's Convenience Stores Inc. 512
AS53583 Westjet Airlines Limited 512
AS397136 F12 Networks Inc. 512
AS63318 Infotec Manitoba 512
AS32856 Haemonetics 512
AS397147 Broadridge Customer Communications Canada, ULC 512
AS16731 Royal Bank of Canada 512
AS25948 1882914 Ontario Inc 512
AS54877 District of Maple ridge 512
AS394846 Newfoundland & Labrador English School District 512
AS396894 Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. 512
AS393311 Loblaw Companies Limited 512
AS20063 Inc. 512
AS20324 Ormuco 512
AS4199 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 512
AS62824 Regional Municipality of Peel 512
AS14444 IRESS Market Technology Canada LP 512
AS4205 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 512
AS26221 Bank of Montreal 512
AS40560 Dynacare-Gamma Laboratories Partnership 512
AS30323 The County of Oxford 512
AS396917 Velox Wireless Inc. 512
AS14456 Peterborough Utilities Commission 512
AS40568 CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet 512
AS395387 Grand and Toy 512
AS54397 Lakefield College School 512
AS18814 Atlantic Technology Centre 512
AS36479 SGI 512
AS13441 Bank of Nova Scotia 512
AS33412 Keepit A/S 512
AS53904 Canarie Inc 512
AS54164 Computer Talk 512
AS395158 WaveDirect Telecommunications 512
AS63126 Aptient Consulting Group Inc. 512
AS22682 Prairie-Sky Wireless 512
AS21659 Alt Telecom 512
AS19614 Just Energy (U.S.) Corp. 512
AS29861 Syntax Systems Limited 512
AS395431 IGT Canada Solutions 512
AS32424 Network Connection 512
AS22953 Calcul Quebec 512
AS54442 Vancouver City Savings Credit Union 512
AS19120 Infocube Technology Limited 512
AS32176 Royal Bank of Canada 512
AS27570 Open Text Corporation 512
AS11702 ConneXon Telecom 512
AS11703 MaRS Discovery District 512
AS396984 Stage2Data Inc. 512
AS16569 City of Calgary 512
AS27579 KiSP Inc 512
AS19900 J.D. Barnes Limited 512
AS396477 DNSnetworks Corporation 512
AS54461 Bridge Studios 512
AS395200 SSQ, Societe d'assurance-vie inc. 512
AS396486 Conseil scolaire de district catholique du Centre-Est de l'Ontario 512
AS393932 Groupe Promutuel 512
AS22476 Communication Nunetworx Inc. 512
AS46541 Home Hardware Stores Limited 512
AS54738 Imax Corporation 512
AS26323 Digital Payment Technologies Corp. 512
AS32473 Eh!Tel Networks Inc. 512
AS17372 Bank of Montreal 512
AS395485 Hopper Inc. 512
AS395741 Tritech Financial Systems Inc. 512
AS394974 Walmart Canada Corporation 512
AS22494 7098693 Canada Inc. 512
AS397023 Canadian Shield Data Center Inc 512
AS397025 Bombardier Inc. 512
AS397540 Windscribe 512
AS23015 Cambridge Mercantile Corp. 512
AS27367 Pushware Wireless Inc 512
AS64231 24-7 Intouch Incorporated 512
AS26856 Autodata Solutions Company 512
AS12010 International Financial Data Services (Canada) Ltd. 512
AS22766 The Ontario Educational Communications Authority 512
AS63470 Datavalet Technologies Inc. 512
AS397296 Computer Talk 512
AS397553 FGLTEL Inc. 512
AS54002 CRS Networks Inc 512
AS62962 HyLife LTD 512
AS32756 Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology 512
AS397814 Town of Georgina 512
AS15094 SIS Consulting 512
AS55288 Dimensional Strategies Inc. 512
AS394235 Ceryx, Inc. 512
AS53756 Prospection Inc. 512