ASNs allocated in Zambia

Zambia (ZM) is a country in Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) allocating 22 ASNs with a total of 1.6M IP addresses. The country is ranked #123 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Zambia is ZAIN ZAMBIA PLC identified by ASN 37287 which manages 919,552 IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Zambia sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS37287 ZAIN ZAMBIA PLC 919,552
AS37154 ZAMTEL 532,480
AS37532 ZAMREN 81,920
AS37214 Microlink Technologies Ltd 17,408
AS36959 AfriConnect Zambia Ltd 15,360
AS37146 Real Time technologies Alliance Africa 9,984
AS7420 ZAMNET-AS 8,192
AS37185 iSAT Africa Zambia Limited 2,048
AS328328 Viva Broadband Limited 2,048
AS36962 MTN Zambia 1,024
AS328570 Fibrecom Limited 1,024
AS37569 Roke Telkom Zambia 1,024
AS328427 AirLink Broadband Limited 1,024
AS328194 Copperbelt-Energy-Corporation 256
AS328007 Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc 256
AS328665 Zambia Revenue Authority 256
AS327904 Zambia Information and communication Technology Authority 256
AS328420 Bank of Zambia 256
AS328026 Mobile Broadband Limited 0
AS37221 Zambia Internet Exchange Point 0
AS37374 CEC Liquid Telecom 0