ASNs allocated in Netherlands

Netherlands (NL) is a country in Europe (Western Europe) allocating 1,496 ASNs with a total of 27.4M IP addresses. The country is ranked #14 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Netherlands is SURFnet bv identified by ASN 1103 which manages 6.2M IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Netherlands sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS1103 SURFnet bv 6.2M
AS33915 Vodafone Libertel B.V. 3.8M
AS1101 SURFnet bv 1.8M
AS13127 Tele2 Nederland B.V. 1.3M
AS3265 Xs4all Internet BV 1.1M
AS31615 T-mobile Netherlands bv. 999,424
AS15480 Vodafone Libertel N.V 801,280
AS50266 T-Mobile Thuis BV 578,048
AS60781 LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. 446,208
AS5390 Euronet Communications B.V. 319,488
AS21286 KPN Corporate Market B.V. 274,176
AS15435 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V. 270,336
AS286 KPN B.V. 261,376
AS42894 Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat/Rijkswaterstaat 229,376
AS3300 British Telecommunications PLC 229,376
AS1128 SURFnet bv 196,608
AS28685 Routit BV 194,048
AS15670 Tele2 Nederland B.V. 182,272
AS15542 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V. 176,128
AS15879 KPN Internedservices B.V. 168,960
AS12414 Solcon Internetdiensten B.V. 154,112
AS48037 SSC-ICT Haaglanden 148,736
AS20857 Transip B.V. 136,960
AS8608 Esprit Telecom B.V. 136,192
AS12871 KPN B.V. 133,120
AS12989 StackPath LLC 132,096
AS8737 KPN B.V. 131,328
AS203396 Ministerie van Economische Zaken 131,072
AS39647 Enreach Netherlands B.V. 130,304
AS47886 Equinix (Netherlands) B.V. 110,848
AS15703 True B.V. 107,776
AS20507 Tele2 Nederland B.V. 106,496
AS29396 Unet B.V. 100,864
AS49562 KPN B.V. 99,328
AS39855 Mod Mission Critical LLC 98,560
AS25525 Sentia Netherlands BV 98,048
AS16074 Capgemini Nederland B.V. 95,232
AS50673 Serverius Holding B.V. 94,976
AS24753 Globecomm Europe B.V. 92,416
AS21221 InfoPact Netwerkdiensten B.V. 90,112
AS49544 B.V 88,320
AS29063 Atos Nederland B.V. 87,552
AS48635 PCextreme B.V. 85,504
AS15625 ING Bank N.V. 81,920
AS24586 Intermax BV 78,848
AS42517 Schiphol Telematics B.V. 76,032
AS21155 Signet B.V. 75,520
AS43350 NForce Entertainment B.V. 73,216
AS34108 Stichting Breedband Delft 70,656
AS1161 SURFnet bv 70,656
AS47863 Stichting Digitale Snelweg Kennemerland 67,584
AS15562 Job Snijders 67,456
AS42808 NTT Global Networks Incorporated 66,048
AS12859 BIT BV 66,048
AS44074 Koninklijke Cooperatieve Bloemenveiling FloraHolland U.A. 65,536
AS15916 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. 65,536
AS208717 Remco van Zuijlen 65,536
AS25182 Stichting Nederlandse Publieke Omroep 65,536
AS1133 SURFnet bv 65,536
AS207982 Cooperatie AVEBE U.A. 65,536
AS1199 SURFnet bv 65,536
AS35415 Webzilla B.V. 64,768
AS49981 WorldStream B.V. 64,000
AS28878 Signet B.V. 62,208
AS9150 ML Consultancy 59,392
AS41960 Nextpertise B.V. 46,848
AS20847 Previder B.V. 46,336
AS25459 NedZone Internet BV 45,056
AS35467 DataDiensten Fryslan B.V. 45,056
AS39572 DataWeb Global Group B.V. 45,056
AS20495 We Dare B.V. 44,800
AS31477 Duocast B.V. 42,752
AS204601 Zomro B.V. 42,496
AS35470 Signet B.V. 42,496
AS9193 NaviSite LLC 41,984
AS1248 HERE Global BV 40,960
AS41095 IPTP LTD 40,704
AS51088 A2B IP B.V. 40,448
AS34968 Trixit Holding B.V. 39,936
AS8315 Sentia Netherlands BV 39,680
AS62068 SpectraIP B.V. 35,328
AS47869 Ellada Projects B.V. trading as Netrouting 34,816
AS42707 e-Quest IT Projecten B.V. 33,792
AS59524 KPN B.V. 33,024
AS1147 SURFnet bv 32,768
AS25377 Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken 32,512
AS22683 Koninklijke Philips N.V. 32,256
AS25542 Netspider Group B.V. 30,976
AS208913 Mouk, LLC 29,952
AS57795 Next Gen Networks B.V. 29,952
AS39686 Eurofiber Nederland BV 29,184
AS34343 Eweka Internet Services B.V. 29,184
AS47973 Digital Realty Netherlands B.V. 29,184
AS57112 F2X Operator B.V. 27,648
AS20559 Fundaments B.V. 27,136
AS8455 Schuberg Philis B.V. 26,624
AS62370 B.V. 26,112
AS56630 Melbikomas UAB 25,856
AS49453 Global Layer B.V. 24,832
AS198089 IP Visie Networking B.V. 24,064
AS30925 CBizz B.V. 24,064
AS25222 Inmarsat Solutions B.V. 23,808
AS50245 Serverel Inc. 22,784
AS41887 Prolocation B.V. 22,784
AS25596 Cambrium IT Services B.V. 22,528
AS5524 Breedband B.V. 22,272
AS202120 Comsave B.V. 22,016
AS15695 Expereo International BV 21,760
AS60142 NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V. 21,248
AS47254 Ericsson Edge Gravity Inc. 20,480
AS8935 InTouch N.V. 20,480
AS8201 Destiny N.V 18,944
AS28788 Unilogic Networks B.V. 18,688
AS41480 Systemec BV 18,432
AS207266 Afilias Ltd 18,176
AS51430 AltusHost B.V. 18,176
AS31673 Uniserver Internet B.V. 17,920
AS39704 CJ2 Hosting B.V. 17,664
AS24642 Caveo Internet BV 17,408
AS58073 YISP B.V. 17,408
AS25151 Cyso Group B.V. 17,152
AS60404 Liteserver Holding B.V. 16,896
AS8587 Infracom Holding B.V. 16,640
AS8211 Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A. 16,384
AS57172 Global Layer B.V. 16,384
AS35224 PLINQ BV 15,872
AS58061 Scalaxy B.V. 15,872
AS24875 NovoServe B.V. 15,616
AS196752 Tilaa B.V. 15,616
AS50522 POCOS B.V. 15,360
AS49784 Netvisit B.V. 15,360
AS5580 GTT Netherlands B.V. 15,104
AS60725 O3b Sales BV 14,592
AS198203 RouteLabel V.O.F. 14,592
AS30870 Trans-IX B.V. 14,336
AS197902 Hostnet B.V. 13,824
AS58075 X2com BV 13,824
AS29311 Solvinity B.V. 13,568
AS201290 BlackGATE B.V. 13,056
AS208258 Access2.IT Group B.V. 13,056
AS57043 HOSTKEY B.V. 12,800
AS38930 LeaseWeb Network B.V. 12,288
AS50207 CSC Computer Sciences BV 12,288
AS132721 Ping Global Amsterdam POP ASN 12,288
AS60144 3W Infra B.V. 12,288
AS35332 DataWeb B.V. 11,520
AS48684 Viking Host B.V. 11,520
AS44592 SkyLink Data Center BV 11,264
AS205406 Access2.IT Group B.V. 11,008
AS24785 Broadband Hosting B.V 11,008
AS206894 Wholesale Connections B.V. 10,752
AS12315 Quality Service Provider BV 10,240
AS59980 Mijndomein Hosting B.V. 10,240
AS12902 B.V. 10,240
AS43366 OSSO B.V. 10,240
AS59865 Ivent Mobile bv 10,240
AS43995 Kabeltex B.V. 10,240
AS202955 IA Hoster N.V. 9,728
AS203101 NAVARINO S.A. 9,216
AS24730 GarnierProjects BV 9,216
AS39591 Global-e BV 9,216
AS20969 Red Bee Media B.V. 9,216
AS57866 Fusix Networks B.V. 8,960
AS202779 EVOBITS Information Technology SRL 8,960
AS204196 Abelohost BV 8,704
AS58291 ColoCenter b.v. 8,448
AS199139 Weritech B.V. 8,448
AS207083 HostSlim B.V. 8,448
AS43293 Stichting Proxility 8,192
AS5419 Cubic Circle B.V. 8,192
AS34106 TMG Digital B.V. 8,192
AS21315 ENGIE Services Zuid BV 8,192
AS28995 Cofra Amsterdam C.V. 8,192
AS28756 European Patent Office 8,192
AS42585 Metaregistrar B.V. 8,192
AS42093 InterRacks C.V. 8,192
AS35201 Fluke Europe BV 8,192
AS201622 Copaco Cloud B.V. 8,192
AS59545 Vertixo BV 8,192
AS15535 Virtual Access Internet BV 8,192
AS59599 NCCW B.V. 8,192
AS39637 ADES BV 8,192
AS60893 Art of Automation B.V. 8,192
AS21478 Plex Elektronische Informatie 8,192
AS42755 Rijnstaete Group B.V. 7,936
AS34373 XXLnet B.V. 7,936
AS41552 Marktplaats B.V. 7,936
AS8283 Netwerkvereniging Coloclue 7,936
AS49033 Critical Core BV 7,936
AS34430 Tele2 Nederland B.V. 7,680
AS60341 B.V. 7,680
AS43996 BV 7,680
AS61161 Darkness Reigns (Holding) B.V. 7,680
AS207375 Fiber Operator B.V. 7,424
AS205915 Pinkroccade HealthCare B.V. 7,168
AS51050 H4Hosting BV 7,168
AS50295 Triple IT BV 7,168
AS200831 Mihos B.V 7,168
AS201401 Unithost Internet B.V. 7,168
AS56611 REBA Communications BV 6,912
AS34756 NEP Media Solutions B.V. 6,912
AS34305 Base IP B.V. 6,656
AS207176 OPENFIBER B.V. 6,400
AS50399 Open Line BV 6,400
AS49405 Motto VoIP B.V. 6,400
AS204805 Voiped Wholesale BV 6,144
AS15922 Qweb Internet Services B.V. 6,144
AS34612 Matrix PC b.v. 6,144
AS39244 Iddink Digital B.V. 6,144
AS42881 BADGER BV 6,144
AS16281 Utelisys Communications B.V. 6,144
AS51942 EK-Media B.V. 6,144
AS8694 Rotterdamse Electrische Tram N.V. 6,144
AS34141 in2ip B.V. 5,888
AS58272 LeaderTelecom B.V. 5,888
AS61429 Castor Communciations BV 5,656
AS42567 MOJOHOST B.V. 5,632
AS202926 SAP SE 5,632
AS59409 Legaco Networks B.V. 5,376
AS213311 Sneaker Server, LLC 5,376
AS206264 Amarutu Technology Ltd 5,376
AS42946 Legaco Networks B.V. 5,376
AS209929 AWM LAB LTD 5,120
AS197156 Petit Telecom B.V. 5,120
AS202553 Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs 5,120
AS207957 Elena Jong Tjien Fa 5,120
AS15466 Defensie Telematica Organisatie 5,120
AS8312 Zylon Internet Services vof 5,120
AS16298 Lubbers Box Telematica BV 5,120
AS16350 Root B.V 5,120
AS48886 Communications Security Net B.V. 5,120
AS201975 Uniscape BV 5,120
AS49685 Signet B.V. 4,864
AS48997 Stichting Zorgring Noord Holland Noord 4,864
AS56510 Source XS B.V. 4,864
AS64468 Legaco Networks B.V. 4,864
AS8232 GXS International Inc. 4,608
AS203822 MKBWebhoster BV 4,608
AS47172 Greenhost BV 4,608
AS61029 Dennis op de Weegh trading as Bitency 4,608
AS8328 SaaSplaza Nederland B.V. 4,608
AS61349 MaxiTEL Telecom B.V. 4,608
AS206281 Stichting DIGI NL 4,608
AS47339 SpeedCast Europe B.V. 4,608
AS44858 PROXSYS 4,352
AS15447 N.V. 4,352
AS206433 SITA OnAir Switzerland SARL 4,352
AS49250 onecentral B.V. 4,352
AS29028 DirectVPS B.V. 4,352
AS39784 Nokia Oyj 4,352
AS20867 Ordina Beheer & Outsourcing B.V. 4,352
AS31624 Verotel International B.V. 4,352
AS42416 Comnet Internetional BV 4,352
AS44477 IP Oleinichenko Denis 4,352
AS60880 Horizon Telecom B.V. 4,352
AS202196 BV 4,352
AS49127 Asimo Networks B.V. 4,352
AS51969 NETAPP Holding and Manufacturing BV 4,096
AS16147 voorziening tot samenwerking Politie Nederland 4,096
AS20504 RTL Nederland B.V. 4,096
AS62003 baten-lastendienst Logius 4,096
AS57146 Stepco B.V 4,096
AS48972 BetterBe B.V. 4,096
AS29263 Gemeente Den Haag 4,096
AS13136 Interstroom Informatietechnologie BV 4,096
AS21073 Zoranet Connectivity Services BV 4,096
AS197985 Hilf Telecom B.V. 4,096
AS205668 Green Mini host BV 4,096
AS1145 SURFnet bv 4,096
AS50554 TWS Networkconcepts B.V. 4,096
AS206209 Oracle Svenska AB 4,096
AS28806 Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. 4,096
AS62353 Dataplace B.V. 4,096
AS64404 Stichting EventInfra 4,096
AS43414 H2B Assets B.V. 4,096
AS31383 Computel Standby BV 4,096
AS64437 NForce Entertainment B.V. 4,096
AS35260 Bizway BV 4,096
AS200904 FOXCLOUD LLP 4,096
AS201682 Liquid Web B.V. 4,096
AS20953 b.v. 4,096
AS41696 Ram Mobile Data (Netherlands) B.V. 4,096
AS200428 SouthernHill BV 4,096
AS59630 NN Insurance EurAsia NV 4,096
AS47674 Net Solutions - Consultoria Em Tecnologias De Informacao, Sociedade Unipessoal LDA 3,840
AS209181 Zenex 5ive Limited 3,584
AS47179 Danego BV 3,584
AS25433 B.V. 3,584
AS34427 Comsenso BV 3,584
AS197395 ARK B HOSTING BV 3,328
AS35383 ZX Factory BV 3,328
AS200023 Qonnected B.V. 3,328
AS207959 XSServer GmbH 3,328
AS39521 TNGNET B.V. 3,328
AS197731 The Internet Engineering Group B.V. 3,328
AS1140 Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland 3,328
AS206238 Freedom Internet BV 3,328
AS43190 Totaalnet Internet Works B.V. 3,328
AS64459 Western Reserve Communications LLC 3,328
AS198352 Espresso Gridpoint BV 3,328
AS25042 Bitlibre BV 3,328
AS51412 Endemol Shine Nederland BV 3,328
AS35064 Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A. 3,328
AS43777 PK Automatisering & Internet Services BV 3,072
AS48645 Solvinity B.V. 3,072
AS38919 netrebel b.v. 3,072
AS57626 E-Zorg B.V. 3,072
AS202016 Domino ICT B.V. 3,072
AS57124 Gemeente Maastricht 3,072
AS60204 Hewlett Packard France S.A.S. 3,072
AS51758 ProcoliX B.V. 3,072
AS205617 P. van den Belt is trading as "QSIT" V.O.F. 3,072
AS42804 Parentix B.V. 3,072
AS208951 IT-GRAD NL B.V. 3,072
AS28997 Nedcomp Hosting B.V. 3,072
AS202591 Digiware Management b.v. 3,072
AS198508 Plusine Systems B.V. 3,072
AS30830 Network Operations B.V 3,072
AS61044 SIT Internetdiensten B.V. 3,072
AS205185 Eurofiber Spine B.V. 3,072
AS61060 NXTcom Nederland BV 3,072
AS201873 FMO Solutions B.V. 3,072
AS60820 WiFi4all B.V. 3,072
AS62105 Jonaz B.V. 3,072
AS44187 Dean One B.V. 3,072
AS30879 Amsterdam Rai B.V. 3,072
AS59554 Datacenter Groningen B.V. 3,072
AS34215 @Inet Technology Consultancy B.V. 3,072
AS1200 Amsterdam Internet Exchange B.V. 3,072
AS207283 Exact Group BV 3,072
AS202932 Quanza Engineering B.V. 3,072
AS34766 Regio-Glasvezel Nederland BV 3,072
AS51696 Antagonist B.V. 3,072
AS38915 Gemeente Heerlen 2,816
AS60476 B.V. 2,816
AS198761 Simac ICT Nederland B.V. 2,816
AS57717 FiberXpress BV 2,816
AS35705 PELICAN ICT BV 2,816
AS213391 DWP Holding B.V. 2,816
AS200596 Adyen N.V. 2,816
AS201017 Achmea Interne Diensten N.V. 2,560
AS51514 Spotler Holding B.V. 2,560
AS201791 Devhouse Spindle B.V. 2,560
AS56647 Fusion Media Limited 2,560
AS15693 BusinessConnect BV 2,560
AS61013 Alliander N.V. 2,560
AS49750 Netexpo Internet B.V. 2,560
AS56953 N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie 2,560
AS49820 Pictura Imaginis B.V. 2,560
AS51682 GlobalCollect Services BV 2,560
AS199408 BV 2,560
AS199156 StackPath LLC 2,560
AS31251 Falco Networks B.V. 2,304
AS205111 ZOHO Corporation B.V 2,304
AS41038 Mediacaster B.V. 2,304
AS47207 Digital Residence B.V. 2,304
AS51571 Protechnics ICT BV 2,304
AS52102 Tribion B.V. 2,304
AS51849 Eshgro Cloud Services BV 2,304
AS48522 CGl Nederland B.V. 2,304
AS44953 Eurofiber Nederland BV 2,304
AS21159 NovoServe B.V. 2,304
AS62167 Tismi BV 2,304
AS136175 Serverhosh Internet Service 2,304
AS57090 de Volksbank N.V. 2,048
AS57872 PHOENIX NAP, LLC. 2,048
AS61200 MediaMonks Multimedia Holding B.V. 2,048
AS12561 IX Networks B.V. 2,048
AS24595 Belastingdienst/Centrum voor Infrastructuur en Exploitatie 2,048
AS60950 B.V. 2,048
AS58141 IP-ONE B.V. 2,048
AS207903 Greenet Netwerk BV 2,048
AS208164 Formicidae Holdings B.V. 2,048
AS198694 dotXS Holding B.V. 2,048
AS208683 Datacenter The Factory Roermond B.V. 2,048
AS202796 JSR IT B.V. 2,048
AS49206 PeakFactory BV 2,048
AS57400 Intervia B.V. 2,048
AS209721 Gemeente Schiedam 2,048
AS199752 Go-Trex Holding BV 2,048
AS209231 CC Support Services Limited, SIA 2,048
AS20562 Broadband Hosting B.V 2,048
AS60503 FNX Tecnologia LTDA 2,048
AS29529 iTecom bvba 2,048
AS47197 IPsoft Nederland BV 2,048
AS15966 Emango Internet Services B.V. 2,048
AS197219 2AT B.V. 2,048
AS206436 FUJIFILM Europe B.V. 2,048
AS13169 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. 2,048
AS60022 Sona Business B.V. 2,048
AS198012 Interforce Hosted Solutions BV 2,048
AS201597 NE-iT Hosting BV 2,048
AS16266 Canon Europa N.V. 2,048
AS200587 Red Bee Media B.V. 2,048
AS59791 LinQhost B.V. 2,048
AS41880 Bose Products BV 2,048
AS51097 Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid 2,048
AS199835 Vevida bv 2,048
AS201372 Mezzami B.V. 2,048
AS205986 GLYN Research Limited 2,048
AS6819 Qi ict B.V. 2,048
AS64425 SKB Enterprise B.V. 2,048
AS43437 Digifoon Group B.V. 2,048
AS206516 ProRail B.V. 2,048
AS56500 BeeOne B.V. 2,048
AS34233 Superior B.V. 2,048
AS31172 QFast Telecom B.V. 2,048
AS50901 WireITup Infra B.V. 2,048
AS28888 Deloitte Group Support Centre BV 2,048
AS50655 Its Hosted 2,048
AS20710 InterXion Headquarters B.V. 2,048
AS31209 12Connect B.V. 2,048
AS39146 MachCloud B.V. 2,048
AS57325 123Telcom BV trading as Partell 2,048
AS35055 WI - Connect B.V. 2,048
AS51447 RootLayer Web Services Ltd. 2,048
AS207647 Intention B.V. 1,792
AS202022 Flexyz B.V. 1,792
AS213035 Des Capital B.V. 1,792
AS15426 Enreach Netherlands B.V. 1,792
AS56898 Private Host BV 1,792
AS35156 Blackboard International B.V. 1,792
AS197727 KPN B.V. 1,792
AS204655 Novogara LTD 1,792
AS207728 EUROHOSTER Ltd. 1,792
AS48501 Init3 BV 1,792
AS59543 N.V. Nuon Energy 1,792
AS209561 D&V Global B.V. 1,792
AS56473 Conduit Connect B.V 1,792
AS208046 Maximilian Kutzner trading as HostSlick 1,792
AS42161 Legaco Networks B.V. 1,792
AS13266 Havenbedrijf Rotterdam n.v. 1,792
AS205019 G1SAT B.V. 1,792
AS49627 Speakup B.V 1,792
AS48647 Solvay SA 1,536
AS60679 Freedom Registry BV 1,536
AS202521 L.L.C. 1,536
AS58138 Korton Internet B.V. 1,536
AS206376 Intellectica Systems India Private Limited 1,536
AS42050 Perfect World Publishing B.V. 1,536
AS203078 SAP SE 1,536
AS15430 uropean Dynamics S.A. 1,536
AS44103 Rick Bakker trading as Bakker IT 1,536
AS204642 Adecco IT Services SAS 1,536
AS1142 SURFnet bv 1,536
AS49287 Melbikomas UAB 1,536
AS202918 Damecon B.V. 1,536
AS39404 Fluke Europe BV 1,536
AS34562 Synssans B.V. 1,280
AS199939 KeenSystems B.V. 1,280
AS210193 Modulaire Gemeenschappelijke regeling Rijk van Nijmegen (Openbaar Lichaam op basis van gemeenschappelijke regeling) 1,280
AS48921 Verotel International B.V. 1,280
AS203557 DataClub S.A. 1,280
AS201766 KNS Automatisering B.V. 1,280
AS51752 Wachttoren-, Bijbel en Traktaatgenootschap Kerkgenootschap 1,280
AS208685 Serverius Holding B.V. 1,280
AS208693 Art Of Automation Glasvezel B.V. 1,280
AS49466 KLAYER LLC 1,280
AS199743 Hit Professional Services B.V. 1,280
AS42320 comScore B.V. 1,280
AS38994 ERA LLC 1,280
AS51030 Skyvision Business Centre B.V. 1,280
AS202072 Global Voice Telecom B.V. 1,280
AS204635 Dienst Wegverkeer 1,280
AS1888 Stichting Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica 1,280
AS51299 Redworks B.V. 1,280
AS34942 Vivor B.V. 1,280
AS209288 Johan Willem David den Heijer trading as 020 ICT 1,280
AS57485 Interparts Computer Products BV 1,280
AS51857 Mtel B.V. 1,280
AS44439 2Hip Consultancy B.V. 1,280
AS50072 Talpa TV B.V. 1,280
AS57758 Cloudbear B.V. 1,280
AS208034 Rono-IT BV 1,280
AS199850 NedSolutions B.V. 1,280
AS21162 Innovative Solutions in Media (ISM) B.V. 1,280
AS52144 NotuBiz Nederland B.V. 1,280
AS41153 GNTEL B.V. 1,280
AS57029 Case Telecom B.V. 1,280
AS41420 Xentech B.V. 1,280
AS60626 LeaseWeb CDN B.V. 1,280
AS47829 Telindus-ISIT B.V. 1,280
AS35030 Comfone AG 1,280
AS47836 SC Web Software Development SRL 1,280
AS60906 Playdom B.V. 1,280
AS45040 ExtraIP B.V. 1,280
AS50601 Crossivity bv 1,088
AS38913 Infra Blocks B.V. 1,024
AS201731 Cloudfinder Sweden AB 1,024
AS205316 Supporta Interactiva B.V. 1,024
AS61956 TCC The Computer Company B.V. 1,024
AS208390 Eylo B.V. 1,024
AS34311 LG CNS Europe B.V 1,024
AS47628 Divider B.V. 1,024
AS206605 FourTOP ICT B.V. 1,024
AS44557 Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond 1,024
AS60941 Fujitsu Technology Solutions BV 1,024
AS208654 Gemeente Gouda 1,024
AS39182 Netex Limited 1,024
AS205583 PC Yellow BVBA 1,024
AS209936 Databalance Services B.V. 1,024
AS41490 Hot Potatoes B.V. 1,024
AS35349 ViewControl B.V. 1,024
AS200470 Triplon BV 1,024
AS208152 Cloud Networks B.V. 1,024
AS59929 Flexibelt B.V. 1,024
AS203037 Mica IT B.V. 1,024
AS200991 P-Pro's B.V. 1,024
AS207135 GPB Global Resources B.V. 1,024
AS60961 B.V. Scheepswerf Damen Gorinchem 1,024
AS208418 Sonexus B.V. 1,024
AS202021 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 1,024
AS203815 Robert Gerrit Johannes Verspuij trading as Exa-Omicron 1,024
AS206121 Stater Nederland B.V. 1,024
AS204586 Bakker & Spees BV 1,024
AS42282 Rick Mur 1,024
AS201517 DMC Acquisition B.V. 1,024
AS206637 IQIP B.V. 1,024
AS201521 DEKRA Claims and Expertise B.V. 1,024
AS206130 Stichting Carmel College 1,024
AS206389 Menno van Krimpen trading as Libernet 1,024
AS203318 Bizway BV 1,024
AS203065 Today Concepts B.V. 1,024
AS42812 DT-IT V.O.F. 1,024
AS201279 Blokker B.V. 1,024
AS208959 SlashN Services Pte. Ltd. 1,024
AS60479 BV 1,024
AS209985 Qaleido International BV 1,024
AS30785 Radik BV 1,024
AS200514 KnownSRV Ltd. 1,024
AS205637 Dienst Infrastructuur Verkeer en Vervoer 1,024
AS207942 Roelof Daleboudt trading as IP Central 1,024
AS209223 Source2Cloud B.V. 1,024
AS207179 WilroffReitsma B.V. 1,024
AS24652 Juniper Networks International B.V. 1,024
AS205901 Xenconnect B.V. 1,024
AS208973 Gemeente Haarlem 1,024
AS210253 Creative Network Consulting Limited 1,024
AS60750 Falco ISP Services B.V. 1,024
AS204627 CrowdXS BV 1,024
AS205142 Flex Ltd. 1,024
AS209495 Stichting RTV Noord 1,024
AS41047 BART Vrancken trading under MLAB 1,024
AS203096 bunq B.V. 1,024
AS62296 Vital Network Group, LLC 1,024
AS48729 Open for Support Nederland B.V. 1,024
AS206426 CFIT B.V. 1,024
AS209754 VitrumNet BV 1,024
AS202075 Mobition BV 1,024
AS205918 Chloride Group Limited 1,024
AS201311 IT Creation B.V. 1,024
AS39520 Satcom Direct International Ltd. 1,024
AS58209 KPT Network B.V. 1,024
AS199522 Tedas BV 1,024
AS50018 Flowmailer B.V. 1,024
AS203623 ZeroSpace ICT Services B.V. 1,024
AS34663 Belastingdienst/Centrum voor Infrastructuur en Exploitatie 1,024
AS203368 Virtone BV 1,024
AS210025 Chen Qian 1,024
AS208490 IOT Unlimited B.V. 1,024
AS209770 Broadband Systems ApS 1,024
AS207979 Robert Klinkenberg 1,024
AS202606 Exception B.V. 1,024
AS200560 Metro en Tram (Gemeente Amsterdam) 1,024
AS201330 SolidBE BV 1,024
AS200052 Ltd 1,024
AS34420 Netaffairs Hosting B.V. 1,024
AS208501 Tim Schoondergang trading as TIMMIT.NL 1,024
AS203126 KIREMA B.V. 1,024
AS208247 Esrocom B.V. 1,024
AS206200 Stichting Zuyderland Medisch Centrum 1,024
AS200569 Acknowledge Benelux B.V. 1,024
AS205689 Whatbox Inc. 1,024
AS47482 Spectre Operations B.V. 1,024
AS35709 Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie 1,024
AS200318 NutsServices B.V. 1,024
AS210046 Moris B.V. 1,024
AS12415 Weblink Telecom Ltd 1,024
AS48512 EPEX SPOT S.E. 1,024
AS59776 Liberty Global B.V. 1,024
AS202625 Softtech Automatisering B.V. 1,024
AS202882 Poort80 Hosting Services BV 1,024
AS202374 prewest services b.v. 1,024
AS8582 GTT Netherlands B.V. 1,024
AS206982 Onetrail B.V. 1,024
AS48520 Computercentrum C. van de Velden B.V. 1,024
AS201866 Alblasserdam Yachtbuilding B.V. 1,024
AS206730 Stichting Ipse de Bruggen 1,024
AS206475 Koopman Logistics Group BV 1,024
AS39563 CTA Systems B.V. 1,024
AS199053 Golden Hightech BV 1,024
AS209549 Provide Managed Services BV 1,024
AS61069 Eqservers LLC 1,024
AS202639 ON24, Inc 1,024
AS42383 ITT Desk B.V. 1,024
AS43407 INFOnline GmbH 1,024
AS50319 NORISK IT Groep B.V. 1,024
AS31120 PADACO Automatisering B.V. 1,024
AS61329 Stichting Antonius Ziekenhuis 1,024
AS62097 The Learning Network B.V. 1,024
AS208530 Emiel de Klein trading as Stackhosting 1,024
AS56722 Van Berkel en Bos U.N. Studio BV 1,024
AS201875 Trending Jobs Holding B.V. 1,024
AS203923 World Streamedia, Inc. 1,024
AS61331 Unigarant NV 1,024
AS29591 NETAPP Holding and Manufacturing BV 1,024
AS209048 V-Tel ICT B.V. 1,024
AS207257 ION automation services B.V. 1,024
AS204698 SBM SCHIEDAM B.V. 1,024
AS201883 G-Star Raw C.V. 1,024
AS30875 Peter van Roosmalen trading as V.R.I.S. 1,024
AS48283 Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland 1,024
AS47260 Penske Logistics B.V. 1,024
AS204701 EBPI Cloud 2 B.V. 1,024
AS205726 Daan Jurriaan van Gorkum trading as Vusam V.O.F 1,024
AS20896 Office Depot Europe B.V. 1,024
AS203681 Low & Bonar B.V. 1,024
AS208033 Kliksafe B.V. 1,024
AS203170 GERRIT Diensten BV 1,024
AS199332 Digifoon Group B.V. 1,024
AS202916 IPS B.V. 1,024
AS61351 Linfosys BV 1,024
AS206250 Allsystems B.V. 1,024
AS203179 Proact MCS BV 1,024
AS210091 KeenSystems V.O.F. 1,024
AS201644 Brabant Water N.V 1,024
AS42156 GNX B.V. 1,024
AS62125 Peopleware ICT Solutions B.V. 1,024
AS49838 TomTom International B.V. 1,024
AS205999 Boels Verhuur B.V. 1,024
AS15791 Ram Mobile Data (Netherlands) B.V. 1,024
AS203952 NS Groep N.V. 1,024
AS208816 Butsan Igor Mykolaiovych 1,024
AS209072 GBL ICT B.V. 1,024
AS201650 Webguru VOF 1,024
AS202419 Inflexum Services B.V. 1,024
AS204983 William David Edwards 1,024
AS208055 Mediastream Gateway B.V. 1,024
AS205755 SDNBUCKS BV 1,024
AS203708 AXEZ ICT Solutions BV 1,024
AS13245 Foltron LP 1,024
AS201407 Shared Service Center DeSom (Openbaar Lichaam op basis van gemeenschappelijke regeling) 1,024
AS205247 AXXS B.V. 1,024
AS204737 CloudWeigh B.V. 1,024
AS202947 Multi ICT B.V. 1,024
AS202692 Switch IT Solutions B.V. 1,024
AS203205 Stichting Routerings Instituut (Inter)Nationale Informatiestromen (Stichting RINIS) 1,024
AS56517 Vitens N.V. 1,024
AS47816 WF Konijnenberg Holding B.V. 1,024
AS31433 Bakker Logistiek Holding B.V. 1,024
AS202954 Rapiddot Hosting Services Ltd 1,024
AS203722 Unit4 MKB Software B.V. 1,024
AS39114 1KEY BV 1,024
AS60874 Marcel van Dorp trading as Labworx 1,024
AS39371 Comaxx B.V. 1,024
AS202956 CAM IT Solutions BV 1,024
AS208332 Hosting 2 GO B.V. 1,024
AS202189 NS Groep N.V. 1,024
AS13006 DID Logic Limited 1,024
AS49870 Alsycon B.V. 1,024
AS204751 MobielWerkt B.V. 1,024
AS209871 Infomedics BV 1,024
AS201424 Olisa Solutions B.V. 1,024
AS45009 Rogier Krieger 1,024
AS202706 KeenMobile B.V. 1,024
AS203474 Gemeente De Fryske Marren 1,024
AS201940 Stichting Synergos 1,024
AS205524 Rodam B.V. 1,024
AS205016 HERN Labs AB 1,024
AS203993 S.J.M. Steffann 1,024
AS202970 MITServ B.V. 1,024
AS203482 Thales Avionics, Inc 1,024
AS203740 CAK (ZBO) 1,024
AS61404 Wifinity B.V. 1,024
AS43997 PowerDNS.COM BV 1,024
AS39390 Mainfreight Holding BV 1,024
AS205024 The Sourcing Company B.V. 1,024
AS209377 4Consult B.V. 1,024
AS60131 High5! B.V. 1,024
AS210151 Wessanen Nederland Holding BV 1,024
AS207596 Cybergroup SIA 1,024
AS208622 Skylinq B.V. 1,024
AS209390 ViaData Automatisering BV 1,024
AS201968 Mextal B.V. 1,024
AS210161 Xperi Managed Services B.V. 1,024
AS203762 Info Support BV 1,024
AS201460 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. 1,024
AS206836 Fortytwo Security BV 1,024
AS61428 Fox-IT Group B.V. 1,024
AS201718 IT Support Groep B.V. 1,024
AS205304 Zorgdomein Nederland B.V. 1,024
AS203769 Cooperatie KIEN u.a. 1,024
AS209145 Roma Cloud Diensten B.V. 1,024
AS204030 Serac Applications B.V. 1,024
AS199937 ANWB B.V. 768
AS517 Darmstaedter Landstrasse 184 D-60598 Frankfurt Germany 768
AS47112 BinckBank N.V 768
AS208917 Cloudzilla BV 768
AS56599 I.C. Solutions 768
AS61212 Tata Communications Move B.V. 768
AS201510 voizXL B.V. 768
AS206898 Server Hosting Pty Ltd 768
AS200756 Huawei Technologies (Netherlands) B.V. 768
AS206397 Genius Security Ltd 768
AS202315 Accent Assets B.V. 768
AS1102 SURFnet bv 768
AS198485 DirectVPS B.V. 768
AS61018 Tommy Hilfiger B.V. 768
AS210269 HostCircle B.V. 768
AS203366 BMC Software Ireland Limited 768
AS50799 Reed Business bv 768
AS16243 Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. 768
AS213373 IP Connect Inc 768
AS209280 Rik de Pau trading as SmartHosten 768
AS207489 Robbert Jan de Klerk trading as RDK IT Solutions 768
AS200071 Kresco B.V. 768
AS41608 NextGenWebs, S.L. 768
AS16265 LeaseWeb Network B.V. 768
AS202893 Koninklijke Philips N.V. 768
AS56976 Root Networks, LLC 768
AS59795 Lucas Rolff, trading as Hosting4Real 768
AS207778 Jacobus Huijbrechts 768
AS62377 Rockwell Automation B.V. 768
AS209584 Quantum Hosting LLC 768
AS200382 ITank B.V. 768
AS42433 LD4Unity B.V. 768
AS204995 RTB HOUSE S.A. 768
AS42703 ICT Combinatie B.V. 768
AS204754 SysActive B.V. 768
AS203219 Yahoo! UK Services Limited 768
AS35027 SEVENP BV 768
AS60632 HDI Group Cooperatief U.A. 768
AS206297 SIA "Global Cloud" 768
AS205538 City Wireless B.V. 768
AS21474 SD WORX vzw 768
AS41193 Uno Automatiseringsdiensten B.V. 768
AS201196 Bermond Management Ltd 768
AS208364 Servada V.O.F 768
AS35316 Promo Internet B.V. 768
AS207366 Redium B.V. 512
AS207367 Nippon Gases Euro-Holding S.L.U. 512
AS56583 Blue Jeans Network, Inc. 512
AS206861 CleverIT B.V. 512
AS59662 DocuSign, Inc. 512
AS40985 Eneco Energy Trade B.V. 512
AS202013 Mobile Internet Limited 512
AS206625 Enterprise Holdings, Inc. 512
AS198692 Bytesnet Rotterdam B.V. 512
AS59685 Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors BV 512
AS49447 Nice IT Services Group Inc. 512
AS5417 Xs4all Internet BV 512
AS208956 Operation Enterprise LLC 512
AS13117 Nexusguard, Inc 512
AS38975 ACN Europe BV 512
AS44608 United Broadcast Facilities b.v. 512
AS29001 Shaun O'Neil, trading as DMA Computer Services 512
AS61005 OpenTLD BV 512
AS61007 OpenTLD BV 512
AS43345 PCextreme B.V. 512
AS59985 SAM Office B.V. 512
AS207699 Coolblue B.V. 512
AS200020 Stichting NBIP-NaWas 512
AS57685 Webfra B.V. 512
AS203351 Uber International B.V. 512
AS207704 APEIRON GLOBAL Pvt. Ltd. 512
AS210008 Telroaming Advanced Communication Solution Ltd. 512
AS204890 Pegasystems Inc. 512
AS35421 Data Management Professionals B.V. 512
AS49509 Spotler Holding B.V. 512
AS57706 Hybula B.V. 512
AS39022 Deep Media / V.A.J. Bruijnes (sole proprietorship) 512
AS3185 Paylogic Holding B.V. 512
AS205943 BSDR Technology B.V. 512
AS209784 WIFISAX GmbH 512
AS48761 Digivity B.V. 512
AS42106 Abelohost BV 512
AS43898 Oracle Svenska AB 512
AS15740 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. 512
AS1149 SURFnet bv 512
AS24957 Stichting Groningen Internet Exchange 512
AS204934 Cloud-Layer Limited 512
AS134535 ATT NBE Equinix Amsterdam 512
AS50570 J.F. Hillebrand IT B.V. 512
AS21388 N.V. 512
AS12945 Gamepoint B.V. 512
AS48529 Mochabrain LLC 512
AS210324 Mazda Motor Logistics Europe NV 512
AS206741 Shapeways B.V. 512
AS200342 24x7 Hosting B.V. 512
AS203159 Aramco Overseas Company BV 512
AS197016 Provincie Friesland 512
AS59800 Leo Vandewoestijne trading as unicyle 512
AS207770 Alexander de Boer trading as Atlantia Cloud 512
AS59802 Leo Vandewoestijne trading as unicyle 512
AS57504 Telemagic B.V. 512
AS56738 Cliq BV 512
AS39587 Aeacus B.V. 512
AS42152 VCD Infra Solutions B.V. 512
AS47532 Optiver Holding B.V. 512
AS48812 DataCenter Noord BV 512
AS47543 Schuberg Philis B.V. 512
AS206776 Ophidian Network Limited 512
AS206521 Technoberg Beheer B.V. 512
AS201402 Novamedia Holding B.V. 512
AS203966 A1 Internet BV 512
AS203209 VIVAT N.V. 512
AS35024 Axit Automatisering B.V. 512
AS51923 'Nothing But Air' Services B.V. 512
AS210133 Privredno drustvo za trgovinu i usluge STEPANOVIC & SIPKA 512
AS203990 Accertify, inc. 512
AS39641 N.V. 512
AS61147 CallHosted B.V. 512
AS34012 Vellance B.V. 512
AS43229 GlobalCollect Services BV 512
AS60126 ON2IT B.V. 512
AS203234 Coosto BV 512
AS207843 vBoxx B.V. 512
AS203242 Gemeente Geldrop-Mierlo 512
AS57075 Slashme BV 512
AS8954 InTouch N.V. 512
AS207866 InCompanyMedia B.V. 512
AS60154 Connectria, LLC 512
AS25595 Slashme BV 512
AS25599 Atos Nederland B.V. 512
AS60671 Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V. 512
AS30720 VWE Bureau voor Voertuigdocumentatie en -informatie B.V. 256
AS59393 WH2A B.V. 256
AS213251 Marcel Andrew Zaiser trading as Metaliance ISP Systems e.k 256
AS62215 Vomar Voordeelmarkt B.V. 256
AS207627 C-24 B.V. 256
AS197132 ASR Bank N.V. 256
AS20492 AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B.V. 256
AS205839 SIOC B.V. 256
AS206095 VECOZO BV 256
AS47632 Sentia Netherlands BV 256
AS137490 Navice Consulting 256
AS49427 NETRC LLC 256
AS213268 Bryan Barbolina trading as Cloudwebservices 256
AS205077 Exite ICT B.V. 256
AS21276 Diamond Link Global Limited 256
AS20769 Quanza Engineering B.V. 256
AS199970 ReadyTech Netherlands B.V. 256
AS59427 MASSXESS B.V. 256
AS57638 Tarq Automatisering B.V. 256
AS34345 RedKarma B.V. 256
AS5418 nerdnet 256
AS207659 Cegal AS 256
AS31019 Paulus M. Hoogsteder trading as Meanie 256
AS205868 recast IT GmbH & Co. KG 256
AS207918 Marcel Edler trading as Optimate-Server 256
AS213039 91 Web Services 256
AS60719 CZ Groep Zorgverzekeraar 256
AS31537 Erdee Media BV 256
AS50737 ASR Nederland N.V. 256
AS38965 HostIn 256
AS42037 Mozilla Corporation 256
AS9017 Marcus van Dam 256
AS38970 Michiel Klaver 256
AS60222 Wholesale Dutch Telecom B.V. 256
AS205631 PCextreme B.V. 256
AS47167 Unet B.V. 256
AS202562 Roelf Wichertjes 256
AS201286 Red Hat Ltd 256
AS39752 Panq B.V. 256
AS198730 Ministerie van Financien 256
AS58186 GameHouse Europe BV 256
AS205644 Switch Datacenters Amsterdam 4 B.V. 256
AS41037 Meta Micro Automatisering B.V. 256
AS62285 M7 GROUP SA 256
AS60239 Firm Trade Corporation Ltd. 256
AS208209 MobielWerkt B.V. 256
AS210004 Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland 256
AS42836 Schuberg Philis B.V. 256
AS43861 Circle B B.V. 256
AS206168 JF Group B.V. 256
AS209241 Cheyenne Technologies LLC 256
AS57436 Samer Abdel-Hafez 256
AS58206 Cronos NV 256
AS206176 GreenEdge B.V. 256
AS207972 Stephen Thompson 256
AS198759 European Police Office (EuroPol) 256
AS31079 Liberty Global B.V. 256
AS1132 SURFnet bv 256
AS208492 S.J.M. Steffann 256
AS60526 Stichting Hivos 256
AS208751 Michael Goossens 256
AS208240 Gemeente Rotterdam 256
AS59760 Bart Vrancken trading as MLaB 256
AS207220 Iperion Life Sciences Group 256
AS43639 Akamai International B.V. 256
AS60281 Webair Internet Development company, Inc 256
AS1146 SURFnet bv 256
AS39292 Duocast B.V. 256
AS209792 Daan van Gorkum 256
AS60546 EU Routing Ltd 256
AS213124 Marvin van Bakkum trading as Baanaan 256
AS204933 Epic Den Bosch B.V. 256
AS44421 Yifu Yu 256
AS56965 GothamAds LLC 256
AS60805 ACC ICT B.V. 256
AS208264 Lightning Ready Hosting, LLC 256
AS206477 Christiaan de Die le Clercq trading as Wolfined 256
AS203152 Interforce Hosted Solutions BV 256
AS57744 Security Monitoring Centre B.V. 256
AS51091 Schuberg Philis B.V. 256
AS35220 SpotXchange, INC 256
AS49812 Lincoln Electric Europe B.V. 256
AS202134 SynEdge Luxembourg S.A. 256
AS35735 ComPromise managed Services B.V. 256
AS213401 LeeWrangler Netherlands B.V. 256
AS205730 Netflex B.V. 256
AS34210 Flow Traders B.V. 256
AS61346 Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland BV 256
AS204963 Scala Solutions BV 256
AS207523 Itron Nederland B.V. 256
AS209573 Arcus IT Managed Services B.V. 256
AS207526 Paragonex Limited 256
AS208294 Markus Koch 256
AS59560 World-ICT B.V. 256
AS202665 SMS Highway Asia Ltd 256
AS206249 TenneT TSO B.V. 256
AS213167 Chociz Services 256
AS202418 Hendrik George Koren 256
AS209330 Transfer Solutions B.V. 256
AS209588 Flyservers S.A. 256
AS197302 Warmteservice Groep BV 256
AS204982 Daniel Mostertman 256
AS209590 ForFarmers Corporate Services B.V. 256
AS203960 Rack-Soft SRL 256
AS48056 KPN Internedservices B.V. 256
AS50874 Kewill Service Logistics B.V. 256
AS201403 ACC ICT B.V. 256
AS202427 I-Beheer ICT B.V. 256
AS207803 Emenders BV 256
AS201405 ACC ICT B.V. 256
AS198334 Redwood Software Nederland B.V. 256
AS50622 Payvision B.V. 256
AS207551 Wijnand Schouten trading as Speedium 256
AS208831 Eno Zorgverzekeraar N.V. 256
AS16065 Redimi AS 256
AS205508 VEON Wholesale Services B.V. 256
AS209094 Technoberg B.V. 256
AS60358 B.V. 256
AS207563 Corellian Labs LLC 256
AS208844 VTech Electronics Europe B.V. 256
AS41677 2005 LAN Services B.V. 256
AS50381 Leo Vandewoestijne trading as unicyle 256
AS51661 Tradonomi Ltd 256
AS208078 Marcel Jong Tjien Fa 256
AS58064 Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe B.V. 256
AS2004 Dutch organization for applied scientific research 256
AS206294 Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis 256
AS207574 Screwjack, LLC 256
AS202455 Cushman & Wakefield Debenham Tie Leung Limited 256
AS213208 Roxit B.V. 256
AS208346 Vikas Saini Trading as ZUMY COMMUNICATIONS 256
AS52186 Advanced Travel Partners Nederland BV 256
AS48603 Arjen Zonneveld 256
AS42718 STUPA Holding B.V. 256
AS15840 AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B.V. 256
AS42210 NetActuate Inc 256
AS213219 Timmy Truong 256
AS58083 Gemeente Zaanstad 256
AS48869 Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs B.V. 256
AS204519 KORP TRADE LP 256
AS213224 Blue Black Squared Limited. 256
AS204778 Scott Nicholas 256
AS207595 Hestronic BV 256
AS209132 Alviva Holding Limited 256
AS208623 Semayra Web Services Private Limited 256
AS209650 Wu Zhiyuan 256
AS200436 Patron Technology Persia Ltd 256
AS29172 MIH PayU BV 256
AS203256 Budget Phone Company BV 256
AS49145 Sigma Software LLC 256
AS60665 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories BV 256
AS201723 R. van der Meijden 256
AS200191 Raffel Internet B.V. 256
AS43810 Enrico de Bil trading as Voxilon 0
AS43821 Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 0
AS44155 NEP Media Solutions B.V. 0
AS1177 SURFnet bv 0
AS1178 SURFnet bv 0
AS43992, Inc. 0