ASNs allocated in Iraq

Iraq (IQ) is a country in Asia (Western Asia) allocating 157 ASNs with a total of 685,056 IP addresses. The country is ranked #60 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Iraq is EarthLink Ltd. Communications&Internet Services identified by ASN 50710 which manages 364,032 IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Iraq sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS50710 EarthLink Ltd. Communications&Internet Services 364,032
AS21277 Allay Nawroz Telecom Company for Communication/Ltd. 66,560
AS51018 Seven Net Layers for General Trading & Information Technology LTD. 19,456
AS200865 TISHK NET Company for WIMAX technology and Internet Service Limited 17,664
AS44217 IQ Networks 11,776
AS206206 Kurdistan Net Company for Computer and Internet Ltd. 10,240
AS198589 Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya Company for Communication and Internet LTD 9,216
AS39216 AL-SARD FIBER Co. for Internet Fiber and Optical Cable Services /Ltd. 8,192
AS197882 Tarin General Trading and Setting Up Internet Device LTD 8,192
AS209565 AL-SARD FIBER Co. for Internet Fiber and Optical Cable Services /Ltd. 7,424
AS50597 ScopeSky Communication and Internet Ltd. 7,424
AS59588 Al Atheer Telecommunication-Iraq Co. Ltd. Incorporated in Cayman Islands 6,912
AS58322 Hala Al Rafidain Company for Communications and Internet LTD. 6,144
AS57324 Al Lawn Al Akhdar International Company for Communications and Information Technology Ltd. 5,888
AS41032 IQ Networks 5,376
AS51684 Asiacell Communications LLC 4,864
AS48407 TigrisNet 4,608
AS57588 Hayat for Internet & communication LLC 4,608
AS203217 Horizon Scope Mobile Telecom WLL 4,352
AS198735 Hilal Al-Rafidain for Computer and Internet Services Co., Ltd. 4,096
AS205473 SAWAD LAND for Information Technology Ltd 3,584
AS203735 Net Tech Ltd 3,584
AS205889 Giga Nineveh for internet services Ltd 3,328
AS49571 CellNet ltd 3,328
AS56484 FastIraq, LLC 3,328
AS197893 Elsuhd Net Ltd. Company for Communications and Computer Services 3,072
AS3178 FastLine For Communication And Information Technology Ltd 3,072
AS198802 Midya Telecom for telecommunications-LTD 2,816
AS3194 SatGate Company for Trading of Computers Systems and Communications Appliances WLL 2,304
AS51539 The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani 2,048
AS59458 Pure Line Co. For Telecommunications & Internet Ltd. 1,792
AS202699 Asser Al-Technologia Information Technology Company Limited 1,792
AS210162 Softlink LTD 1,792
AS206611 Provider for General Trading and Internet Services, LLC 1,536
AS210021 Iraq Cell Limited 1,536
AS198169 SCIS 1,280
AS202354 Blue Sky Telecom LTD 1,280
AS60815 Data Net Company for Communications Limited 1,280
AS12952 Knowledge Path for Information Technology and General Trading Ltd 1,280
AS210095 TAYF AL-MADAR for Internet Services Pvt. Ltd company 1,280
AS208131 Cloud Company for General Services Ltd 1,024
AS62223 Time-Net Private Company for Internet and Wireless Services Ltd. 1,024
AS210194 Elaf Alrafideen for Communication & Networks Facilities and trade computers co. LTD 1,024
AS209173 ExxonMobil Iraq Limited 1,024
AS200485 Nass Al Iraq Company for General Trading and Technical Solution and Training Ltd 1,024
AS204331 Sahel Net ISP 1,024
AS206893 Storm Networks for internet service provider Ltd. 1,024
AS206641 IraqSky Communications and Internet Limited Liability Company 1,024
AS57908 Bilad Al-Rafidain Company for Informatics and Communications Services Ltd 1,024
AS201272 Al-Hadetha for software and Automation Ltd 1,024
AS207928 ALTAMEER for Trading , General Transportation and Electromechanical Services Ltd 1,024
AS205371 Zana Mohammed Mahdi A.Rahman company for Internet Service Provider LTD 1,024
AS201031 Smart Waves for Information Technology Ltd 1,024
AS202055 Qemat Al-Wasat Company 1,024
AS210247 Al-Rama Telecom LTD 1,024
AS202316 Baghdad Link to Internet Services Provider and Information Technology LLC 1,024
AS52059 International Development Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance (P.S.C) 1,024
AS206190 Alathrae Company for Information Technology Limited 1,024
AS205169 Al-Taif For Technical Solutions Co. LTD. 1,024
AS204149 Afnan Al-Harith LTD 1,024
AS204152 Orient Company for internet services LTD 1,024
AS203653 Noor Al-Qamar Co. For Internet Ltd. 1,024
AS210066 Orient Company for Advertising and Marketing Ltd. 1,024
AS207786 super network for internet service ltd 1,024
AS208570 Spark Technical Services for Communication Ltd 1,024
AS201668 Sama Madeniti for Communication & Internet Ltd. 1,024
AS209348 Numerous Ports Company For Internet Services Ltd 1,024
AS205254 Valin Company for General Trading and Communication LTD 1,024
AS203214 Hulum Almustakbal Company for Communication Engineering and Services Ltd 1,024
AS203982 Erbil International Aiport 1,024
AS34515 Next Net for Internet and IT Services LTD 1,024
AS208859 FACT LTD 1,024
AS59625 Korek Telecom Company for Communications LLC 1,024
AS203257 Layth Zuhair Zahid 1,024
AS205049 Techno Fast Company for General Contracting and Trading Ltd. 1,024
AS207097 Online Company for Technological Information, Supply of Electronic Equipment and Internet Services Through Wifi Ltd. 1,024
AS202777 Iraqna Networks Company for Internet Service Ltd / Private company 768
AS35160 Communications and Media Commission (CMC) 768
AS207462 Al-Jeel Al-Sabei Internet Services Co., Ltd 768
AS203904 Domain Earth for Communication and Banking Solutions with Limited Liability 768
AS202672 iNet LLC 768
AS201145 Golden Sky Links Company For Internet & Communication Ltd 768
AS204473 Aswar Al-Karam for General trading and Communications Projects Ltd 768
AS200654 Tornet General Trading and Communication Services LLC 768
AS204249 "PAIK" Company for Communication and General Trade Importation& Exportation Limited 768
AS208365 Shams Telecom Networks and Internt Service Ltd 768
AS209438 Information Tower Company for General Trading and Information Technology / Ltd. 512
AS207138 Live Link Internet Service Provider PVT LTD. 512
AS209699 Group Net Ltd 512
AS57417 Netgate Telecom and Information Technology Ltd, 512
AS203374 Medya Net LLC 512
AS208023 Najmat AI-Khaleej Information & Techniqves & General Contracting Co. L.L. 512
AS62368 Taif Al Omnnea for the Distribution of Communication equipments Ltd 512
AS208306 Larsa Group Ltd 512
AS207811 SuperCell ISP LTD 512
AS208866 Knowledge Land Company Ltd. 512
AS205800 Steps Telecom For Internet Ltd. 512
AS208115 Smart Link Company for Internet Service, special company and limited responsibility 512
AS204798 Max Link Company Ltd 512
AS198666 Information Zone Company For Internet & Computer Services - Ltd. Co. 256
AS213302 Gulf Palms Contracting and General trading co ltd. 256
AS206391 Fancy Net Company Ltd 256
AS206706 Iraq Smart Technologies Co. for Internet Services and Information Technology Ltd. 256
AS203409 Nawafeth Al-hadhara for Internet and Information Systems Co.,Ltd 256
AS44181 Net Max for communication Services and General Trading Co. LTD 256
AS205470 Iraq Electronic Gate for Financial Services Co. Ltd 256
AS207264 RapidNet for Internet Services and Communications/Ltd 256
AS207281 Matrix Private Company for Communications and Internet Services Ltd. Liability 256
AS204471 Al-MISK Company For Information Technology and Software LTD 256
AS207304 Information Technology Earth 256
AS207565 STARLINK for the Supply & Services of Telecommunication & Internet Co. LTD / Private Company 256
AS200929 Asl Al-Iraq General Communication LLC 256
AS207588 Prime Telecom LTD 256
AS60663 Speedway Company for Internet service Ltd. 256
AS200697 Dijlat Al-Khair for communications and internet Ltd 256
AS61202 Speedway Company for Internet service Ltd. 0
AS50461 City Telecom Co. LTD. 0
AS198183 Nawand Telecom Ltd./private company 0
AS48175 Advanced Networking Technologies (A.N.T.) Company for Information Technology Ltd 0
AS196918 Seven Net Layers for General Trading & Information Technology LTD. 0
AS200004 AlbitTel Company for Provision of Internet Services/Ltd 0
AS207433 Abwab Altasawiq for General Trade Co. Ltd. 0
AS205906 SCIS 0
AS207442 Tiqaniyat Al-shabkah for Internet Services Co.Ltd Private Company 0
AS213076 Zanyar Electronics LTD 0
AS200789 Next Net for Internet and IT Services LTD 0
AS207701 Talia Limited 0
AS208472 Rama ISP LTD. 0
AS209253 Alhadbaa Group LLC 0
AS210022 Trade Link Logistics General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L., L.L.C. 0
AS213098 Pirmam For Information Technology/Ltd 0
AS48492 I.Q Online for Internet Services and Communications LLC 0
AS56687 Msarat Al-heat IQ company for communication and Technologies Ltd 0
AS207734 QUIKA LTD 0
AS43640 Prime Telecom LTD 0
AS207484 Speed Fiber Band Company for Trading Ltd 0
AS202366 Infinity for Information Technology and Internet Services Ltd 0
AS206471 Najim Al Iraq Ltd 0
AS60051 Earthlink Telecommunications Equipment Trading & Services DMCC 0
AS208797 Business Platforms General Trading Limited Company 0
AS209309 Softlink LTD 0
AS213149 Telelink Telecommunications Co for Internet services and Information Technology Ltd. 0
AS57761 Speedway Company for Internet service Ltd. 0
AS208293 alsalam state company 0
AS213168 Tawasol Network for Internet Services and Information Technology LLC 0
AS197305 Bilad Al-Rafidain Company for Informatics and Communications Services Ltd 0
AS199618 Regional Telecom Company for Communications Ltd. 0
AS208341 Spider Net Ltd 0
AS58070 Elsuhd Net Ltd. Company for Communications and Computer Services 0
AS60145 National Investment Commission 0
AS203764 Bit Byte Communications Co. Ltd 0