ASNs allocated in Bahamas

Bahamas (BS) is a country in Americas (Latin America and the Caribbean) allocating 12 ASNs with a total of 154,880 IP addresses. The country is ranked #159 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Bahamas is Cable Bahamas identified by ASN 15146 which manages 97,536 IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Bahamas sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS15146 Cable Bahamas 97,536
AS8014 Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation 44,032
AS19128 TTN Global Operations Limited 8,192
AS18635 Secure Hosting Ltd. 3,072
AS19377 Cloud Carib Limited 1,280
AS394601 Global Nexus 512
AS398165 Chances 256
AS398340 Proficient Business Services Limited 0
AS33035 Bahamas WiMax 0
AS397914 Commonwealth Bank Ltd 0
AS397972 Baha Mar 0
AS26855 IndiGO Networks 0