ASNs allocated in Seychelles

Seychelles (SC) is a country in Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) allocating 23 ASNs with a total of 1.5M IP addresses. The country is ranked #122 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Seychelles is Fiber Grid Inc identified by ASN 37518 which manages 1.1M IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Seychelles sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS37518 Fiber Grid Inc 1.1M
AS202425 IP Volume inc 276,736
AS62255 Asmunda New Media Ltd. 24,832
AS328543 Sun Network Company Limited 22,784
AS36902 Intelvision Ltd 21,504
AS36958 Cable & Wireless 19,456
AS200651 Flokinet Ltd 3,840
AS36867 Kokonet Ltd Seychelles ISP 3,328
AS20180 1TEL S.A 3,072
AS57110 Zeimudo Networks Ltd. 1,280
AS327861 Department of ICT ,Government of Seychelles 1,280
AS44571 Netvillage Ltd. 1,024
AS328383 xTom Limited 1,024
AS207616 Altrosky Technology Ltd. 512
AS205083 Datashield, Inc. 256
AS200699 Datashield, Inc. 256
AS327709 Telecom Seychelles Limited 0
AS37707 Seychelles Internet Exchange Point Association Peering ASN 0
AS327837 Seychelles Internet Exchange Point Management ASN 0
AS37553 InspiringNetworksLtd 0
AS57565 Blue Media LTD 0
AS21242 AfriTel Corporation 0