ASNs allocated in Hungary

Hungary (HU) is a country in Europe (Eastern Europe) allocating 289 ASNs with a total of 4.9M IP addresses. The country is ranked #46 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Hungary is Magyar Telekom plc. identified by ASN 5483 which manages 1.4M IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Hungary sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS5483 Magyar Telekom plc. 1.4M
AS20845 DIGI Tavkozlesi es Szolgaltato Kft. 585,984
AS8448 Telenor Hungary plc 430,080
AS12301 Invitech ICT Services Kft. 389,632
AS1955 KIFU (Governmental Info Tech Development Agency) 330,240
AS21334 Vodafone Hungary Ltd. 185,344
AS8462 Tarr Kft. 100,096
AS35311 PR-TELECOM ZRt. 82,944
AS29278 Deninet KFT 76,032
AS197248 Dravanet Co Ltd. 68,352
AS8990 "ANTENNA HUNGARIA" Magyar Musorszoro es Radiohirkozlesi Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag 67,840
AS2012 65,792
AS6711 University of Szeged 65,536
AS25171 Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 65,536
AS31581 National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares 65,536
AS6784 65,536
AS3219 Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development 65,536
AS3314 MTA Wigner Fizikai Kutatokozpont 65,536
AS43529 ViDaNet Cabletelevision Provider Ltd. 43,008
AS24822 OPTICON Telekommunikacios Halozati Szolgaltato 41,984
AS42864 Giganet Internet Szolgaltato Kft 35,328
AS30904 National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares 32,768
AS47169 MVM NET Zrt. 25,088
AS50261 ACE Telecom Kft 23,552
AS25274 Naracom Kft. 22,528
AS57389 ZNET Telekom Zrt 19,200
AS30836 23VNet Kft. 18,432
AS42232 PARISAT Tavkozlesi es Szolgaltato Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 18,432
AS208708 Eurocable Ltd 18,176
AS5513 Magyar Telekom plc. 16,384
AS41075 ATW Internet Kft. 13,824
AS47381 DoclerWeb Informatikai Kft. 13,568
AS50181 KabelszatNet-2002. Musoreloszto es Kereskedelmi Kft. 13,312
AS12594 Comnica Kft. 12,544
AS62214 RackForest Kft. 11,008
AS33947 WLA Interservice Ltd. 11,008
AS44419 Vac City KabelTV Ltd. 10,240
AS41627 Pick-Up Ltd. 10,240
AS28924 INTEGRITY Informatics Ltd. 9,472
AS3244 3c. Kft. 9,216
AS15555 Magyar Telekom plc. 9,216
AS62292 EZIT Kft. 8,448
AS44302 NETregator Kft. 8,192
AS49944 Zubor Laszlo trading as OzdKabel-Tv 8,192
AS20510 Nexum Hungary Internet Service Provider Ltd. 8,192
AS35263 RLAN Internet Tavkozlesi Szolgaltato Kft. 8,192
AS43711 Szervernet Ltd 8,192
AS31219 Beltav Ltd. 8,192
AS44789 HIR-SAT 2000 Szolgaltato es Kereskedelmi Kft. 8,192
AS34655 DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a r.l. 7,680
AS201237 ON LINE SYSTEM KFT. 7,168
AS209196 Elektronet Zrt. 7,168
AS39679 JZT Informatikai Kft. 7,168
AS47159 Celldomolki Kabeltelevizio Kft. 6,912
AS47116 Intellihome Tavkozlesi Szolgaltato Kft 6,144
AS15953 KBC Group NV 6,144
AS44651 Kalasznet Kabel TV Kft 6,144
AS205285 Kapulan Kft. 6,144
AS197889 Microsystem-Kecskemet Kft 5,376
AS31297 Axian Kft. 5,120
AS44945 Olah es Tarsa Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft 5,120
AS51920 VIVACOM Magyarorszag Kft 4,864
AS20523 nvitech ICT Services Kft. 4,352
AS197886 Flashnet Kft 4,352
AS15629 United Technology Alliance Kft. 4,096
AS206892 Rendszerinformatika Zrt. 4,096
AS15410 BT Limited Magyarorszagi Fioktelepe 4,096
AS28728 Infornax Society 4,096
AS204168 EszakNet Kft. 4,096
AS59869 Szentgotthardi Varosi Televizio es Kabeluzemelteto KHT 4,096
AS197862 Netfone Telecom Tavkozlesi es Szolgaltato KFT 4,096
AS24991 Datatrans Internet Ltd 3,840
AS15545 Magyar Telekom plc. 3,584
AS42205 NET-TV Zrt. 3,584
AS202243 LAT-SAT Kft. 3,328
AS200964 Isis-Com Kft. 3,072
AS12303 Council of Hungarian Internet Providers 3,072
AS61998 KFT. 3,072
AS200076 Klapka Gyorgy Lakasfenntarto Szovetkezet 3,072
AS43928 MVMI Informationtechnologies Service Centre Ltd. 3,072
AS41885 Hungaro DigiTel Tavkozlesi Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 3,072
AS200864 Cogitnet Kft. 3,072
AS60071 RendszerNET Kft. 3,072
AS207693 Telekabel Ltd. 2,560
AS58098 Szatmarnet Bt. 2,560
AS43359 Tarhely.Eu Szolgaltato Kft. 2,304
AS197523 DV Info Informatikai kft. 2,304
AS42964 SigmaNet Szolgaltato es Kereskedelm Ltd 2,304
AS51438 Boly city local government 2,304
AS60673 Activcom Kft. 2,048
AS39201 WaveCom Informatikai Kft. 2,048
AS47421 Biatorbagyi Kabeltv Kft. 2,048
AS199235 Mikrohalo Tavkozlesi Szolgaltato Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 2,048
AS209486 EgomNet Kft. 2,048
AS43876 UniCredit Services S.C.p.A. Magyarorszagi Fioktelepe 2,048
AS50031 Zalaszam Informatika Kft. 2,048
AS206974 HungaroPower Kft 2,048
AS42367 JuPiNet Kft. 2,048
AS207233 Iplus Magyarorszag Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft. 2,048
AS43749 Happymed Healthcare and IT Provider Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS200940 T-Systems Magyarorszag zrt 2,048
AS197112 jacsa.NET Kft. 2,048
AS29657 Last-Mile Ltd. 1,792
AS51275 Viacom Informatics Ltd. 1,536
AS56322 ServerAstra Kft. 1,280
AS57657 Nicom Wireless Kft. 1,280
AS197750 NK Services (Magyarorszag) Kft. 1,280
AS60619 TelcoNet Kft. 1,280
AS50689 WANNET Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 1,024
AS30723 Fotexnet Kft. 1,024
AS208408 Karanyi Ltd 1,024
AS209986 Kondorosi Kabeltelevizios Bt. 1,024
AS49986 Paks II. Ltd. 1,024
AS203084 Mikrotti Kft 1,024
AS208724 MEZGA-NET Bt 1,024
AS41303 MatraCOMP Kft. 1,024
AS201568 HBO Holding Uzletviteli Tanacsado Csoport Zrt. 1,024
AS209001 DELTAKON KFT. 1,024
AS207236 Widenet Internet Szolgaltato Kft. 1,024
AS42120 MODIT Informatikai Zrt. 1,024
AS207255 Mediaszolgaltatas-tamogato es Vagyonkezelo Alap 1,024
AS49818 KABELSAT-2000 Kft. 1,024
AS209061 INVITEL Tavkozlesi Zrt. 1,024
AS33959 METRO Kereskedelmi Kft. 1,024
AS52139 CARISMA, spol. s r.o. 1,024
AS5554 Integra Zrt. 1,024
AS49857 Inclust System Ltd. 1,024
AS210114 HungaroControl Magyar Legiforgalmi Szolgalat Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag 1,024
AS208839 Gergi Halo Kft. 1,024
AS15566 Infotechna Ltd. 1,024
AS200933 Szolgaltato Kft 1,024
AS64487 Pointnet Kft 1,024
AS204530 Kabelfix Internetszolgaltato Kft 1,024
AS41206 United Telecom Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag 1,024
AS208891 NIF Zrt. 1,024
AS59949 MCNtelecom Telekomunikacios Szolgaltato KFT 768
AS203583 DOM-P Zrt. 768
AS42872 Comnica Kft. 768
AS16015 CIB Bank Zrt. 768
AS16280 BorsodChem Zrt 768
AS47324 KDB Bank Hungary Ltd. 768
AS39934 Roico Net Kft 768
AS34563 MICROSEC Szamitastechnikaio Fejleszt Kft. 512
AS20742 Internet4U Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft. 512
AS59448 Advanced Network Technologies Kft. 512
AS210244 FGSZ Foldgazszallito Zrt. 512
AS49239 Zsolt Murzsa 512
AS20568 "ANTENNA HUNGARIA" Magyar Musorszoro es Radiohirkozlesi Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag 512
AS24690 Szerencsejatek Zrt 512
AS41091 ZL Rendszerhaz Kft. 512
AS51843 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Magyarorszagi Fioktelepe 512
AS33937 Sf Hungary Kft. 512
AS209298 Online Marketing Sources Kft. 512
AS57747 Netkontakt Kft. 512
AS34489 Pannon Pipics Ltd. 512
AS35792 Takinfo Kft 512
AS41694 Raiffeisen Bank Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag 512
AS204026 Szatmar-Telekom Kft. 512
AS48893 ESO TV Kft. 512
AS59649 National Media and Infocommunications Authority 256
AS207107 NNG Kft. 256
AS42759 Scientific Games Szerencsejatek Szolgaltatasok Kft 256
AS34059 SPAR Magyarorszag Kereskedelmi Kft 256
AS8730 GPS Software Kft 256
AS49180 Bricostore Hungaria Kft 256
AS40989 EGIS Pharmaceuticals Plc. 256
AS51232 PCE Paragon Solutions Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 256
AS41251 XELLA Hungary Ltd 256
AS41509 KBC Securities N.V. 256
AS198700 LLC "M&P Management" 256
AS12589 Magyar Posta Zrt 256
AS209455 GYSEV Zrt. 256
AS57920 Brillant Auto Kft. 256
AS42817 Euronet Card Services S.A. 256
AS203331 Fundamenta-Lakaskassza Zrt. 256
AS207950 Nemzeti Sportkozpontok 256
AS198223 Genpact Hungary Operacios Szolgaltato Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag 256
AS43860 Dijbeszedo Holding Zrt 256
AS61270 Keler Zrt. 256
AS205914 Nemzeti Media- es Hirkozlesi Hatosag 256
AS47710 Porion-Digital Kft. 256
AS8294 256
AS42854 Generali-Providencia Insurance Ltd 256
AS47979 Provident Financial Company Limited by Shares 256
AS51564 Transcom Hungary Kft. 256
AS61294 Andreas Stihl Kereskedelmi Kft. 256
AS15985 Pipenet Informatics and Securities Bt. 256
AS209016 Ifact Hungary Kft. 256
AS196732 Random Capital Zrt. 256
AS203137 Normbenz Magyarorszag Kft 256
AS5507 Council of Hungarian Internet Providers 256
AS198281 Kft. 256
AS201355 Tigaz Zrt. 256
AS20624 uronet Services Kft 256
AS51096 Magyar Orszagos Kozjegyzoi Kamara 256
AS209052 NN Biztosito Zrt 256
AS35740 Euronet Services Kft 256
AS41633 alcimi ltd 256
AS33954 Allianz Hungaria Biztosito Zrt. 256
AS51120 UniCredit Operativ Lizing Kft. 256
AS43187 Deloitte Advisory and Management Consulting Ltd. 256
AS48829 SYKES Kozep Europa Kft. 256
AS44991 Grepton Informatics PLC. 256
AS49090 Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. 256
AS25539 Hungarian Power System Operator Co. 256
AS200900 Granit Bank Zrt. 256
AS30917 Budapest Hitel- es Fejlesztesi Bank Nyrt 256
AS42185 NKM Energia Zrt 256
AS204494 Cognizant Technology Solutions Hungary Kft. 256
AS34262 TEVA Magyarorszag Zrt. 256
AS21209 MKB Uzemeltetesi Kft. 256
AS5594 Lufthansa Systems Hungaria Ltd. 256
AS24794 IBCNet Hungary Ltd. 256
AS30942 iSAFE Zrt. 256
AS41183 National Bank of Hungary 256
AS44768 S&T Consulting Hungary Kft. 256
AS47587 VIP Computer Bt. 256
AS44264 4VOICE Ltd. 256
AS59880 Polaris-N Systems Kft. 256
AS202738 KUKA Robotics Hungaria Ipari Kft. 256
AS61184 Gide Loyrette Nouel - d'Ornano Iroda 0
AS56584 DBH Business Support Kft 0
AS3340 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS57106 Aktiv-I Szolgaltato Kft. 0
AS44057 1BTELEKOM Ltd. 0
AS208154 Informatikai Szolgaltato es Tanacsado Kft. 0
AS197148 ERC Kft. 0
AS34588 Invitech ICT Services Kft. 0
AS8229 KiberNet Kft. 0
AS57147 Quote Zrt. 0
AS8512 KIFU (Governmental Info Tech Development Agency) 0
AS208962 Kapulan Kft. 0
AS201539 Netfone Telecom Tavkozlesi es Szolgaltato KFT 0
AS208458 Satelit Hiradastechnikai Kft. 0
AS48714 Expressz Magyarorszag Media Kft 0
AS56398 WNEX LTD 0
AS8536 QwertyNet Kft 0
AS44376 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS208986 Meretei Balazs 0
AS29021 Media Exchange Kft 0
AS196958 MVM NET Zrt. 0
AS196970 Farago Sandor EV 0
AS43114 Netmasters-Hungary Ltd. 0
AS24686 University of Pecs 0
AS210291 Auchan Magyarorszag Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft. 0
AS35190 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS34423 ATW Internet Kft. 0
AS28794 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS49786 WaveCom Informatikai Kft. 0
AS49280 E-Piac KFT. 0
AS12673 niversity of Pannonia 0
AS202115 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS8579 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS6790 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS208009 ZeroTime Services Kft. 0
AS21136 Csucs-Hu Informatika Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Ltd 0
AS20882 Russmedia IT GmbH 0
AS56723 Turk Telekom International HU Kft 0
AS31380 Cyber Hosting KFT. 0
AS29078 GE Hungary Ipari es Kereskedelmi Kft 0
AS21146 GigaBit Kereskedelmi es Informatikai Kft. 0
AS43931 WizzAir Hungary Kft. 0
AS213155 Telenor Hungary plc 0
AS39844 T-Systems Magyarorszag zrt 0
AS8358 Magyar Telekom plc. 0
AS41903 EXO-BIT Zrt. 0
AS20922 Invitech ICT Services Kft. 0
AS5565 SATRAX-NET Ltd. 0
AS43710 First Data Hungary Ltd. 0
AS209602 O2 CLOUD Kft. 0
AS21186 MTI Hungarian News Agency Private Limited Company 0
AS41170 First Hungarian Natural Gas and Energy Trading and Service Provider Ltd. 0
AS197851 Tigaz Zrt. 0
AS45020 SzerverLand Bt. 0
AS207070 DIGI Tavkozlesi es Szolgaltato Kft. 0
AS21229 Dravanet Co Ltd. 0
AS47343 Rendszerinformatika Zrt. 0
AS35828 Teratrade Hungary Kft 0
AS207349 Opennetworks Kft. 0
AS42743 Dreher Sorgyarak Zrt. 0
AS8696 Invitech ICT Services Kft. 0
AS29183 Buda-Cash Brokerhaz Zrt 0