ASNs allocated in Botswana

Botswana (BW) is a country in Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) allocating 24 ASNs with a total of 153,344 IP addresses. The country is ranked #118 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs. The organization with the biggest IP allocation in Botswana is Botswana Telecommunications Corporation identified by ASN 14988 which manages 81,152 IP addresses.

Below you can see a list of ASNs allocated in Botswana sorted by the number of IP addresses currently active on each network. You can click on individual ASN to see detailed information like traffic estimation, allocation date, peers, organization name, and much more.

ASN Organization IPs assigned
AS14988 Botswana Telecommunications Corporation 81,152
AS37678 BOTSWANA FIBRE NETWORKS (Proprietary) Limited 22,016
AS36963 Orange Botswana (PTY) Ltd 14,336
AS37395 Abari Communications 9,216
AS33781 OPQ Net 5,120
AS327830 Concerotel Botswana Pty Ltd AS 3,072
AS327716 Microteck Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. 2,048
AS37711 Sea Breeze (Pty) Ltd T/a Mega Internet 2,048
AS37014 Mascom Wireless Botswana 2,048
AS37604 Desert Road Pty Ltd t/a Zebranet 2,048
AS327757 ICT DYNAMIX (Pty) Limited 1,024
AS328343 Netsol (Proprietary) Limited 1,024
AS328348 Fasttrack Learning (Proprietary) Limited 1,024
AS37537 Bytes Technology Group Botswana (Pty) Ltd 768
AS37051 Government of Botswana 256
AS328459 VBN Services 0
AS327696 The Botswana Internet Exchange - Management AS 0
AS32279 UBW-WAN 0
AS328070 MTN Business Solutions (Botswana) 0
AS37257 Broadband Botswana Internet 0
AS37771 The Botswana Internet Exchange - Peering AS 0
AS328181 Dapit Ventures (PTY) Ltd t/a GCSat Botswana 0