VKontakte Ltd

VKontakte Ltd
Regional Internet registry
05 Aug 2009
IP Addresses count
The organization VKontakte Ltd allocates 5 IP netblocks under the autonomous system number (ASN ) of 28709. The regional internet registry (RIR ) for this ASN is RIPE. The country in which these IPs are located is Russian Federation (RU), which is on #3 out of 249 countries by the total amount of ASNs allocated - 6,284.

AS28709 has 96 peers, 3 upstreams and 0 downstreams with a total of 1,280 IP addresses.
IP Address ranges
Block Description IPs count Vkontakte Ltd 256 Vkontakte Ltd 256 Vkontakte Ltd 256 Vkontakte Ltd Cache/CDN Nodes IP 256 Vkontakte Ltd 256
ASN Name IPs Count
AS2854 LLC Orange Business Services 265,216
AS3216 PJSC "Vimpelcom" 1,063,776
AS3267 The federal state autonomous educational establishment of additional professional education Center of Realization of State Educational Policy and Informational Technologies 272,640
AS5387 Institute of Computational Technologies of SB RAS 16,640
AS5468 Yeltsin UrFU, Ural Federal University 16,384
AS5563 CJSC Ural WES 66,048
AS6789 CRELCOM LLC 41,984
AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 516,096
AS8359 MTS PJSC 1,168,128
AS8369 Intersvyaz-2 JSC 326,656
AS8410 NovInvestRezerv, LLC 8,192
AS8492 "OBIT" Ltd. 76,800
AS9049 JSC "ER-Telecom Holding" 9,728
AS12668 LLC "KomTehCentr" 150,528
AS12714 Net By Net Holding LLC 1,206,016
AS13094 LLC Milecom 512
AS13227 Kraft-S LLC 16,384
AS13238 YANDEX LLC 198,912
AS20485 Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 353,792
AS20764 CJSC RASCOM 13,568
AS21030 Docker LTD 2,048
AS21051 Mail.Ru LLC 4,352
AS25091 IP-Max SA 13,312
AS25549 JSC Avantel 45,824
AS28890 INSYS LLC 84,992
AS28917 LLC "TRC FIORD" 46,336
AS30960 OOO Scientific-Production Center "Tetra" 5,632
AS31200 Novotelecom Ltd 504,832
AS31205 PJSC MegaFon 20,480
AS31359 PJSC "Vimpelcom" 49,152
AS31499 Ekaterinburg-2000 LLC 26,624
AS31738 Novosibirsk Regional Center of Distance Education 2,048
AS33991 Igra-Service LLC 10,240
AS34352 MSN Telecom LLC 26,880
AS34757 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 22,528
AS34879 OOO "Sovremennye setevye tekhnologii" 9,728
AS36040 Google LLC 9,472
AS39042 LLC Global Telecom Co 4,096
AS39684 OOO Mango Telecom 3,072
AS39812 Closed Joint Stock Company Radiotelephone 41,984
AS40995 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 10,752
AS41082 Company Uraltranskom Ltd. 11,520
AS41143 OOO Ob-Telecom 512
AS41560 UGMK-Telecom LLC 50,176
AS41722 Miran Ltd. 7,424
AS41787 Online City LLC 1,280
AS41794 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 3,840
AS42139 Joint-stock company "Internet Exchange "MSK-IX 256
AS42498 Gerkon LTD 9,984
AS42574 Novaya Sibir Plus Ltd. 12,800
AS42728 Joint-stock company "Internet Exchange "MSK-IX 256
AS42861 Foton Telecom CJSC 17,408
AS43208 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Technical center "Atlas" 2,048
AS43314 DIANET Ltd. 19,456
AS44128 Internet-Pro LLC 9,216
AS44206 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 16,640
AS44587 MEGACOM-IT LLC 11,520
AS44597 Joint-stock company "Internet Exchange "MSK-IX 768
AS44733 LTD RTComm-Yug 8,704
AS45055 Dontechsvyaz LLC 6,144
AS47117 Sibline Ltd. 1,536
AS47165 Omskie kabelnye seti Ltd. 89,088
AS47433 Sibirskie Seti Ltd. 3,840
AS47445 Joint-stock company "Internet Exchange "MSK-IX 512
AS47569 Erlang company Ltd. 4,096
AS47626 Timer, LLC 12,288
AS48276 IPSvyaz OOO 1,280
AS48507 LTD SibMediaFon 2,048
AS48642 Joint stock company "For" 83,200
AS49037 Mikhail Mayorov 9,472
AS49218 Nizhnetagilskie Kompyuternye Seti LLC 16,384
AS49476 Multiregional Transit Telecom 13,312
AS49675 JSC "SKB Kontur Production" 3,072
AS49778 Nexus Ltd. 256
AS50166 RTCloud, LLC 1,536
AS50916 OOO Nadym Svyaz Service 3,328
AS50923 Metroset Ltd. 101,376
AS50928 PJSC MegaFon 10,240
AS51028 Zummer LLC 2,560
AS51515 Vega-Service, LLC 13,312
AS51612 Alfatel plus Ltd 3,072
AS51907 Frontier Network LLC 256
AS57363 CDNvideo LLC 14,592
AS57629 LLC IVI.RU 2,048
AS60119 Novosibirsk Telecommunication Company Ltd. 2,560
AS60388 Limited Liability Company "Transneft Telecom" 9,216
AS61976 OOO "Network of data-centers "Selectel" 4,096
AS62040 Innovative Telecommunications LLC 1,792
AS62261 Joint-stock company "Internet Exchange "MSK-IX 2,560
AS203514 ROSSKO-K Ltd. 512
AS203784 Fiber Telecom Ltd 256
AS204720 CDNetworks LLC 4,864
AS205063 Cortel LLC 768
AS209307 LLC Cifrovie Seti Urala 1,536
AS31133 PJSC MegaFon 787,712
AS42437 T2 Mobile LLC 9,472
ASN Name IPs Count
AS3216 PJSC "Vimpelcom" 1,063,776
AS31133 PJSC MegaFon 787,712
AS42437 T2 Mobile LLC 9,472
There are no downstreams for this ASN.
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